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Whether you deal in manufactured goods or raw materials, joining the Alietc digital marketplace can only be good for business. Whether you trade in consumer goods such as toys, clothing or kitchenware, or deal in raw materials such as bauxite and potash, through to fabrics and plastics.

In the B2B marketplace, suppliers occupy a unique niche in that unlike manufacturers who only sell their products, or buyers, who only purchase products, suppliers do both, which means that if you are a supplier, Alietc is twice as useful for your business.

The joy of trading on Alietc is that if you have products to sell, we will help you find genuine buyers with whom you will hopefully start up a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. Our aim is to do exactly the same for products you are looking to buy. Our B2B platform has been carefully designed to ensure that all your needs as a buyer or seller will be met effectively, and efficiently.

To do this, we will provide you with all the tools you need at your fingertips and provide you with plenty of guidance and advice. Whether you are a very experienced dealer or you are now to the world of working as a supplier, we highly recommend you read out ‘Suppliers Guide’ as it is packed full of useful information to help you make the most of the time you spend with us at Alietc.


What you need to do next

First, you need to sign up to one of our membership plans

Once you have signed up to Alietc, you will then be able to create your profile.

Please take a little time to create an eye-catching profile that will appeal to potential customers or clients – we have created a useful Guide to Creating your Alietc Profile which is exclusively available to members. Along with our other invaluable user guides, your profile creation guide will help you hit the ground running and save you wasting unnecessary time.

Start Buying or Selling!

Let’s start with what you need to do if you have products for sale

  • List your product(s) for sale. When you list your products, you do not include the price. The reason the price is not shown is because we believe that having the ability to negotiate based on a number of variables is more effective and achieves better results for both manufacturers and sellers. Volume and time-scale are two variables that can greatly affect unit price, so it makes no sense to restrict yourself to one single, fixed price. All products listed will include a “Contact manufacturer” request for purchasers to use in order to open up negotiations. Initially, that request will come to us here at Alietc and once we have assessed the validity of the buyer, they will be provided with your own contact details and you are then free to negotiate directly with the buyer.
  • Check Buyer Requests. Unlike other digital marketplaces, Alietc encourages buyers to post requests for products. They will tell you how many products they want and when they need delivery by. You can then place a ‘bid’. It’s that simple! If you feel that the buyer has left out any critical information, we can put you in contact with the buyer so that you can iron out the fine details.

Now, here’s what you need to do if you have a list of products you want to buy.

As a buyer:

  • Your first step is to search for those products you want to buy and, as importantly, for manufacturers and suppliers of those products
  • Submit a Product Purchase Request. You can either use our powerful search engine to find manufacturers or suppliers of the product(s) you are looking for and submit a “Product Purchase request”
  • Place bids. You can place a bid on any products that are listed for sale on the Alietc platform
  • Submit a Product Request. You can place a product request, in which you make it clear what products(s) you are looking to buy and what you are prepared to pay for it (them) – any supplier/manufacturer who can supply the product(s) you are looking for will receive instant notification of your product request and will then make contact if the price you are looking to pay is of interest to them.

Your initial approach to any manufacturer/supplier will always come through Alietc so that we can check the validity of your request. Once we are happy you are a genuine business or individual, then your request will be passed on to the manufacturer/supplier, together with your contact details, and from then on you can deal direct with each other.

Here at Alietc one thing we learned very early on is that the best deals usually come about as a result of negotiation. This is especially the case where there is either a substantial volume or potential for regular repeat orders. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to negotiating deals.

As a seller:

  • Your first step is to list the products you have for sale and invite offers from able and willing buyers. You can also list the products at a fixed price if you so choose.
  • Second, you can search our extensive database for members who are either looking to buy the products you have for sale, or who have bought those, or similar products, in the past. You can then send them a price at which you are able to supply the product(s) they are looking for.


Please Note: In order to ensure that everyone who uses the Alietc marketplace does so in the full spirit with which this marketplace operates, depending on your level of membership, you may have to pay a small listing or bidding fee. Our aim is to eliminate ‘spam’ and non-serious users on the platform, and this has proved to be the most effective way. This is explained in greater detail in the Membership section.

Alietc – So Much More Than a Digital Marketplace

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