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Here at Alietc we are committed to creating a worldwide B2B marketplace that brings together manufacturers, suppliers and buyers, helping to establish mutually beneficial and long-term, lasting business relationships.

The key to success as a manufacturer can rest on a number of individual factors, some which involve your products, while others involve how you deal with prospective buyers. To maximise your chances of success on Alietc, we have compiled this useful Manufacturer’s Guide to help you avoid many of the common mistakes made when trying to sell products.


The key to creating a successful relationship with buyers is to overdeliver on your promises

By this, we mean that it is better to be realistic on time schedules and not to make false promises with regard to quality of products. Good working relationships are built on one thing alone and that is trust. Establishing trust should be your primary goal when dealing with a new customer. What is also important is the with trust comes loyalty. If you always deliver by a given deadline, or even earlier, why would a buyer go elsewhere, even for someone who is offering a similar product at a 3% lower price?

Concentrate on quality control

Your buyer may well have asked you for a sample of the product(s) you manufacture. Those samples you send out are meant to be a true and genuine reflection of the normal quality of your products. Every product you send to that buyer should be of the same, or better quality and not a selection of some better, some the same and some worse quality. You should operate a stringent quality control routine prior to shipment of any orders to ensure that the buyer will have no cause for complaint when they receive their order. Once again, if you deliver on quality, time after time, why would a buyer look elsewhere? It’s much cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one.

Communicate clearly and frequently

Communication is a critical element of any business relationship and it is often a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of your buyer when it comes to communicating with them. Often buyers and manufacturers can be located thousands of miles apart, and when orders are made or samples requested, in the days afterwards, there is nothing worse for the buyer than total silence. Whether it is by telephone call (the personal touch is always welcome) or by emails, make sure your buyer knows exactly what is happening with their order.

Once the product(s) have arrived, you still want to communicate with the buyer to ensure that they are 100% happy with their order. This lets them know that you genuinely care about their level of satisfaction and will allow you to iron out any problems or make any adjustments to future orders. As said before, retain a customer than acquire one.

Reputation counts for everything

Here on Alietc we operate a feedback system for manufacturers, suppliers and buyers. We encourage visitors to leave honest feedback about the person/business they have been dealing with. This feedback is important, whether you are a buyer or seller, as the better your reputation, the more inclined people will want to do business with you.

For every person or business you deal with, you should always aim to protect your reputation and aim to have them leave you a glowing 5* review each time you do business with them. It’s easy to gain them, also EA$$$$$$$$$$$Y to increase your income by


Listing Your Product(s) on Alietc

We have provided you with all the tools you need to create eye-catching product listings. However, what you say and the images you choose to use are up to you.

We recommend that you clearly and accurately describe each and every product you have to sell, remembering to include that information which buyers are most likely to be attracted to.

Do not falsely represent products or delivery dates. Not only will this lead to disappointment for your buyer, but it will see them chose to do business elsewhere.

Please be aware that if we receive frequent complaints about a manufacturer, they will not be allowed to continue to use the Alietc sales platform.

Nothing beats a high-quality image. You will see under the listing options that you can include one, or several images of products you wish to sell. With today’s digital photographs there is no excuse for poor-quality images.


Choosing how to sell your products on Alietc

You have options in the way you promote your products. If you are working in a highly competitive environment, you may not want to reveal your price, or it may be that you offer extremely attractive discounts for bulk/repeat orders. If you prefer to keep the financial side of things confidential, then simply pot “Contact us for best price”. This also works well for products whose value can change depending on market forces and the cost of raw materials.

Alternatively, you can offer your product by requesting offer but not providing a price (though a price guide can be useful). Get people to bid on your products and that way you can open up negotiations, something that is less likely when you offer a fixed price.

Selling at a fixed price can work well if you know that your price is extremely competitive, and you want to beat your competitors.

Obtaining requests from buyers

All products that you have listed as being manufactured by your company will be available on our search engine. As a consequence, if a buyer is searching for a specific product and sees you manufacture it, they will be able to send you a request for a price.

Choosing your membership level

We have created three membership levels, one of which should suit you perfectly. Your choice of membership will depend on the volume of business and number of products you want to sell on the Alietc platform. We require you to become a member of the Alietc platform in order to ensure that you are a bona fide enterprise and that the product(s) you are offering for sale are genuine. This works very much to your advantage as on Alietc you will not have to compete against less reputable companies.


From clothes to ceramics, furniture to footballs, electronics to everything else, whatever you are manufacturing, the key to the success of your business is gaining access to genuine, willing and able buyers of your products.

Whether it is manufacturing to order, or producing stock to sell on the open market, Alietc can and will help you. A brief exploration of our website will prove to you how committed we are to connect buyers and suppliers with manufacturers, especially manufacturers of specific products.

How do we achieve this? By heavily targeting keywords with ultra-effective SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, we can ensure that all buyers of your products are aware of your existence and what you have to offer.

What is also important is to understand that you have total control of how and to whom you sell your products, and for what price. Markets can fluctuate overnight and having the ability and tools to react, instantly, to market changes will ensure you achieve the results you need to, time and time again.


What you need to do next      

First, you need to sign up to one of our membership plans

Once you have signed up to Alietc, you will then be able to create your profile.

Please take a little time to create an eye-catching profile that will appeal to potential customers – we have created a useful Guide to Creating your Alietc Profile which is exclusively available to members. Along with our other invaluable user guides, your profile creation guide will help you hit the ground running and save you wasting unnecessary time.


Start selling!

Once you have completed your profile, you are now in a position to start selling your products, which we have made as easy as possible to do. The beauty of Alietc is that we want to make everything easy and efficient, so you have a choice of two options, or you can deploy both options.

  • List your product(s) for sale. When you list your products, you do not include the price. The reason the price is not shown is because we believe that having the ability to negotiate based on a number of variables is more effective and achieves better results for both manufacturers and sellers. Volume and time-scale are two variables that can greatly affect unit price, so it makes no sense to restrict yourself to one single, fixed price. All products listed will include a “Contact manufacturer” request for purchasers to use in order to open up negotiations. Initially, that request will come to us here at Alietc and once we have assessed the validity of the buyer, they will be provided with your own contact details and you are then free to negotiate directly with the buyer.
  • Check Buyer Requests. Unlike other digital marketplaces, Alietc encourages buyers to post requests for products. They will tell you how many products they want and when they need delivery by. You can then place a ‘bid’. It’s that simple! If you feel that the buyer has left out any critical information, we can put you in contact with the buyer so that you can iron out the fine details.

One B2B DIGITAL Marketplace, 105 Different Languages
The constant evolution of technology and its various advantages has enabled ALIETC to operate through 105 network websites with 105 different languages, including Chinese, German, Arabic, and French.
The idea behind this multi-lingual multinational approach is to make purchasing and product browsing so much easier and efficient for everyone, whatever your nationality.

When a supplier posts a product, its description will be automatically translated into 105 different languages, on 105 individual websites.
This instant, automated process will result in attracting more and more customers from various countries across the world, thus paving the way for the success off a highly successful marketplace which focuses on the important of reaching out to a multinational user base.

If you still have any questions

Because you will not have used Alietc before, you may well have some additional questions you want answered. Whatever the question you want answered, we are here to help you, so just get in contact and we will respond promptly.

Please Note: In order to ensure that everyone who uses the Alietc marketplace does so in the full spirit with which this marketplace operates, depending on your level of membership, you may have to pay a small listing or bidding fee. Our aim is to eliminate ‘spam’ and non-serious users on the platform, and this has proved to be the most effective way. This is explained in greater detail in the Membership section.

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