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Japanese Female Workforce Beats U.S. and Europe

Japanese Female Workforce Beats U.S. and Europe

Japan’s female workforce has risen, exceeding Europe and the U.S. in percentage, according to Kathy Matsui , the former vice chair and chief Japan strategist for global investment bank Goldman Sachs. “Womenomics”, a term created by her, was welcomed by Shinzo Abe, the popular former Prime Minister, who took measures to allow women to take more part in the country’s economy.

She said, in the past the number of women working out was little; this trend is different today. The percentage of working women was near 72% prior to the pandemic, versus 67% in the U.S. and 63% in Europe, she said. However, she stated there’s still obstacles for them to take over leadership posts, compared to developed countries. Women managers ratio stands at 15% and the rate for women in board directors is single digit, she said.

Matsui added the employers should feel responsible to empower female community and grant them authority roles.

Samira H.