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Coke Zero Sugar To Bring Benefits to Company

Coke Zero Sugar To Bring Benefits to Company

In a few years, zero-sugar product will be a base of expansion for the Coca-Cola Company. James Quincey, the chairman/CEO at Coca-Cola in his recent interview said Coke Zero Sugar is the cause of growth in 2021 and perhaps the next few years.

Pretty much similar to the Coke soda, the sugar-free beverage aims to draw consumers who care about their good health. Quincey said Coke Zero saw a boost last year even throughout the pandemic.

The brand-new products including Coke’s Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and AHA sparkling water have also been received well on their first offering days, he added.

Yet, Coke Energy, among other drinks of the company, has suffered following the pandemic.

Samira H.