The key to success as a manufacturer can rest on a number of individual factors. Some involve your products, while others involve how you deal with prospective buyers. To maximize your chances of success on Alietc, we have compiled this useful guide to help you avoid many of the common mistakes made when trying to sell products.
By heavily targeting keywords with ultra-effective SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, we can ensure that all buyers of your products are aware of your existence and what you have to offer.

What do you need to do as a seller?
First, sign up free of charge! You will then be able to create your profile. Please take a little time to create an eye-catching profile that will appeal to potential customers.
On settings, you can improve or make any change to your profile any time.
On your dashboard, you will see parts including messages, products, General RFQ, Private RFQ, Reviews, and Trade Leads Database.
Select one of our membership plans on Premium Services: Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. If you miss this part, you will be asked to upgrade first. 

Start selling!
Once your profile is verified, you are now in a position to start selling your products, which we have made as easy as possible.
Add Products. List your product(s) for sale. When you add products, you can either set a fixed price or leave it open for buyers’ quotes and approve the one that is of interest.
Depending on your verification badge, you are allowed to search Trade Leads Database, which offers you a unique opportunity as a seller.
All products listed on the site will include a “Contact Supplier” request for purchasers to use in order to open up negotiations. Initially, that request will come to us here at Alietc and once we have assessed the validity of the buyer, they will be provided with your own contact details and you are then free to negotiate directly with the buyer through the CHAT NOW option. 

Check Buyer Requests. Unlike other digital marketplaces, Alietc encourages buyers to post requests for products. They will tell you how many products they want and when they need delivery.

If you still have any questions—
Because you will not have used Alietc before, you may well have some additional questions. Whatever the question, we are here to help you, so just get in contact and we will respond promptly.

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