About Us

In every marketplace, buyers and sellers meet to work out the best deals. Alietc is a B2B marketplace where buyers, suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world can meet in one dynamic platform.

Alietcs greatest advantage is that it does not charge a fee on transactions; so, whether you’re a buyer, supplier or manufacturer, you can concentrate on a genuine bottom line without worrying about commission payments.

Instead of charging a commission at the end of a transaction, Alietc charges a nominal fee either to list products or to register to make an offer on products for sale.

There are two reasons for the fee. Firstly, it ensures that those who list or make an offer for products really “mean business.” Second, users of the platform can do business at a minimum cost. As an example, compare our pricing packages to those of Amazon which, on average, charges approximately 13% of a sale price. We dont want fees to be deal-breakers; as they are just an incentive!

Alietc doesn’t just leave you to do all the hard work. Alietc actively works to bring people like yourself to the platform, through extensive use of SEO for all listed products. We work hard to attract users who are seriously committed to doing good business and establishing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

In this interactive marketplace, a community of businesses cooperate and communicate to succeed.

Good communication involves not only doing great deals, but it also builds reputation and trust. The incentive for manufacturers and suppliers is to build up a stellar reputation for quality and reliability. Buyers, in the meantime, aim to conclude deals, professionally and swiftly, with the minimum of disruption.

One B2B DIGITAL Marketplace, 105 Different Languages

The constant evolution of technology has enabled ALIETC to operate through network websites with 105 different languages, including Chinese, German, Arabic, and French.

The idea behind this multi-lingual, multinational approach is to make browsing and purchasing products so much easier and efficient for everyone, whatever the nationality.

When a supplier posts a product, its description will be automatically translated into 105 different languages, on 105 individual websites.

This instant, automated process will result in attracting more and more customers from various countries across the world, thus paving the way for the success of a highly-efficient marketplace which focuses on the importance of reaching out to a global-user base.