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Industrial Agriculture Threatens World

Approved by the U.S., local farmers are increasingly reliable on chemical-intensive, industrialized agriculture, quitting traditional agriculture. This favors monocultures for scaling up demand for pesticides and chemical fertilizers across the world.

Although the policy is considered to be good for the U.S. economy, it will not benefit the world, threatening health and food safety.

Traditional agriculture relies on interacting species. It often includes plant polycultures and integrates animals.

Traditional agriculture, according to research, preserves ecosystems and yields more crop.

Industrial agriculture, in contrast, counts on monoculture, which is the practice of raising one crop in an area. On large-scale industrialized agricultural lands, monoculture can easily be practiced with fertilizers and pesticides. Despite its advantages, this farming type impacts biodiversity loss as well as pollinator decline.

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By Saha on April 11, 2022

XMIE To B Held April 12-15, 2022

XMIE will be held in China, Fujian province, at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center from April 12 to April 15, 2022. The venue, at 75,000 square meters with 3,500 international booths, will showcase items in machine tools and laser equipment, rubber and plastic industry machinery, industrial molds, intelligent manufacturing, printing, packaging and advertising equipment, etc.

It will feature Taiwanese mechanical and electrical companies.

The 26th industry exhibition will bring forward the latest advances in the industries. Alongside, several exclusive forums and specialized events will be held.

Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Group Inc. was founded in 1999 and XICEC Croup has arranged a series of exhibitions.

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By Saha on April 10, 2022

Simple Energy Inks Pact with C4V

An initial agreement was signed between the electric vehicle maker Simple Energy and US’s Charge CCCV (C4V) to manufacture cells in India, according to the company. C4V is a lithium-ion battery technology company used in passenger rail cars for lighting and HVAC. The deliveries of its inaugural offering have not yet begun, though.  

Based in Bangalore, the two-wheeler electric company is a top domestic EV market. The company said the memorandum of understanding was singed with C4V to establish a Lithium-ion cell manufacturing ecosystem in India.

The strategic cooperation applies cells that have high safety, greater energy density compared to LFP batteries, faster charging and longer life cycle, said Simple Energy.

In this regard, Shreshth Mishra, Co-Founder of Simple Energy said, “By partnering with C4V, we will consolidate cell supply, which is a vital component for us. This strategy also makes us more self-reliant and reduces our dependency on imports.” Mishra also added enhancement of domestic manufacturing will both lower import duties and guarantee the supply of high-quality batteries in the EV market at an appropriate time.

C4V attempts to support India’s supply chain with its most advanced lithium-ion battery technology to power the Indian company’s two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles.

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By Saha on April 9, 2022

Gene-Altered Cattle Allowed for Food, FDA

For the first time, the FDA has finally allowed bioengineered cattle in meat market. Named a “low-risk determination”, two gene-edited beef cattle and their offspring can be used for food. According to FDA, the meat products from them imposes low risk to consumers. Genetically-modified animals for food use have been monitored and regulated by the FDA since 2017.

The bioengineered cattle have short hair, slick coat, to help them cope better with the heat. In a report, the FDA said the genetic products are soon used from the two in the global market with select customers. It is expected that their meat will be offered to general customers in two years, said the FDA.

The genes were modified with CRISPR technology by Acceligen, a pioneer in precision breeding.

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By Saha on March 19, 2022

Krone, Lemken's Joint Project in Tractor Market

Krone and Lemken companies, both located in Germany, have cooperatively ventured in develping an autonomous tractor. This is while neither has so far shown interest in getting into tractor category.

The two companies’ statement explains the outlines of the new project’s hardware and its functionality; the new product will be competitive in tractor industry.  

Combined Powers is the name of the joint project and design concept- which is an autonomous ‘process unit’, including a drive unit and various implements. Processes of cultivating, ploughing, sowing, mowing, tedding and raking were tested last year.

The drive unit devised to provide the incoming powers of the implements for the processes uses a diesel-electric drive generating up to 170kW. The machine drives the wheels through electric transmission.

Offering a sustainable solution to the workforce shortage in farming, the unit keeps farmers from long hours in the fields. Meanwhile, they are able to run the autonomous unit with quality work. 

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By Saha on March 18, 2022

Nice Link’s Success Linked to Focused Growth Strategy

Nice Link Home Furnishings, the Chinese furniture manufacturer, attributes its growth in furniture industry to its quality service and good delivery.

Jay Carlson, the president of the company, said “executing on focused growth strategy” prior to the outbreak is the key to the home furnishing’s success. Haining-based company developed fast ship program and enhanced technology, investing in U.S. warehousing.

Declaring appropriate investment plans in those areas, made by CEO Echo Yu and the leadership team, Carlson said it helped us to develop our inventory and have a steady flow of furniture supplies to our warehouses.

In the High Point Market, to be held 2-6 April, 2022, Nice Link will display a variety of its stationary and motion collections featuring versatile style and function, eco-friendly fabric and sleek technology.

The High Point Market, located in North Carolina, showcases two main exhibitions in April and October each year. 

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By Saha on March 17, 2022

Stay Healthy with Nordic Diet, A New Study

A recent analysis by University of Copenhagen reveals that the Nordic diet involves health benefits other than weight loss.

Nordic diet has so far carried out research on weigh loss. But now it is been found that a Nordic diet contributes in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, even with no weight loss.

Composition of dietary fats, in particular, justifies the positive effects of the healthy diet.

Professor of Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Lars Ove Dragsted said it is a surprise as the public opinion believes that lower levels in blood sugar and cholesterol are merely attributed to weight loss. 

For the research, blood and urine samples from 200 people over 50 were examined. They all had elevated BMI and increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The testees were broken down in 2 groups, the first group with Nordic dietary and the second, control group, with their habitual diet. They were on their diets for six months.

The results after this period show that the first group became substantially healthier and had lower cholesterol, and lower saturated and unsaturated fat, with a better regulation of glucose.

The diet focuses on locally sourced food products in the Nordic countries including Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.

Foods that are recommended in this diet include peas, beans, cabbage, onions and root vegetables, fruits such as apples, pears, plums, berries, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish and shellfish, vegetable oils made from rapeseed, sunflower or flaxseed, and low-fat dairy products. 

Obviously, the solid diet includes fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, which help minimize high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease, among others.  

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By Saha on March 16, 2022

Diamond Imports from Russia Banned

The United States has sanctioned Russian brilliant diamonds, supplying about 30% of the world’s rough supply. On Friday, in an executive order the U.S. president banned the import of “non-industrial diamonds” and commodities such as vodka, caviar and other luxury goods.   

Talking to reporters, Joe Biden said the United States and its allies increase economic pressures on Russia to isolate it in the global arena.

The sanctions by the U.S. put an end to trade relations with Alrosa, one third of which belongs to Russia. Alrosa mining company leads the world in diamond mining by volume, mined 32.4m carats last year.

This is while restrictions on Russia’s economy, following its invasion of Ukraine, have already made it hard to buy diamonds.

It has not yet been clarified if the ban impacts diamonds of Russian mines which are cut and polished out of the country.

Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) has recommended its 600 members to instantly suspend direct purchases of the precious stone from Russia. 

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By Saha on March 15, 2022

AquaFuture Spain To Be Held in March

International aquaculture companies from around the world will soon meet at the Galician International Fair ABANCA, the largest exhibition park in northwestern Spain.

AquaFuture Spain, to be held from March 23 to 25, will be attended by 152 companies from 23 countries along with official institutions in aquaculture sector.

Technical conferences will be held alongside the exhibition. One conference, to be headed by Carmen Sarasquete, the Department of Biotechnology & Aquaculture, includes six seminars for individual attendees or livestreaming.

The themes of the conference are “Internationalization and financing and investment tools in aquaculture”, and Clusterization as an instrument for the competitive and sustainable development of aquaculture, which will both take place on March 23.

The themes for 24 March include "On the way to Aquaculture 4.0", "Optimizing the care of aquaculture species: functional and sustainable nutrition as a guarantee of health and well-being", "Perspectives in the production of the mollusk”, and “New trends and innovations for safe and sustainable aquaculture production”.

For further information visit this site.

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By Saha on March 14, 2022

Trendy Green Kitchen Appliances

KBIS 2022 (the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) introduces the initiative of green interior design with its small and big kitchen supplies.

With flexible shades, the color will be a good option for kitchen products this season and perhaps for many seasons to come. Experts predict the green kitchen will be in fashion for years.

The secret to the emerging green kitchen trend is "its timelessness", said the interior designer, Alison Victoria. The HGTV star maintains that green is neutral and able to tone in with the structure of any kitchen. In her cooperation with BlueStar, she has introduced a unique collection with custom shades of green. Apart from the top Green With Envy tone, which is 2022 BlueStar Color of the Year, other shades include Emerald, Prasino, Ever, Sunset Forest, Olive, Lily, Aloe, Highlands as well as Hunter.

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By Saha on March 13, 2022