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Steel Doors, Windows: Flexible and Chic

Steel doors and windows do not just add to the charm and beauty of any structure but are resilient. Solid steel is a nice option to design new strong models of doors and windows. Steel’s strength is 3 times that of aluminum. The elastic metal, easy to bend and rebound, features maximum strength used in products which need consistent shape.  

Steel is also durable; and the products manufactured with steel will not wear out over time. The useful steel in construction is also good for thermal performance. Compared to aluminum, steel works much better for conduction of heat and cold, conserving energy. 

Additionally, advanced technology has also contributed to process the metal to make it even stronger and chic. E-coat primer, high gloss enamels, and powder coating provide long-lasting, a high-maintenance steel material that surpasses wooden and aluminum-made door and window products. 

Aesthetically wise, too, steel comes on top of other materials such as vinyl, aluminum or wood. And that is the main reason why architects and designers have, for centuries, adopted the favorable metal to embellish and strengthen their buildings. Narrow frames of steel have numerous uses in building industry; apart from glamor factor, they enable designers to use larger glass lites which would allow pleasant daylight into the structure. 

Saving energy is what today’s world needs excessively. Doors and windows from steel are turning to popular items in modern architecture, which favors narrow framing, expansive views, and pleasant lighting. They are a best alternative to once-popular wooden doors and windows which lacked 2 important elements of maximized lighting and long durability.  

The flexible metal is easily incorporated into different types of hardware to create a good-functioning and good-looking product.  

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By Samira Ha. on September 5, 2022


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