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Malaysian Chickens Retailers Limit Their Orders As Poultry Prices Climb Up

As the inflation persists, traders in Petaling Jaya’s SS2 morning market, in Malaysia, have resorted to decrease standard chickens ordered from the suppliers.  

This is while seemingly the number of chicken sellers at the market shows there is enough poultry supply.

The quantity of standard chickens, locally called white chicken, is actually much less than yellowish kampung chickens. According to a trader, when chickens reach the hands of traders, they are almost RM10 per kilogram and the price of RM8.90 (US$2) is not possible. The poultry business was hurt by breeders, he said. Poultry farmers also say that the price of imported chicken feed has increased recently.

The government of Malaysia has planned the price of RM8.90 per kg for standard chicken as the mandated maximum price.

The plan has been in place since February, 2022, and will last till June.

Chickens, in other parts of the country, are easily available in the markets in spite of stock limitations, said national news agency Bernama on Thursday.

The supply shortage was the result of rising demand for chicken in Eid Al-Fitr period and she was forced to ration sales, a poultry supplier in Kedah, Ayam Bismi Empire, said.

In this regard, a chicken seller, Amran Shaari, said when chicken supply improved after a few days he ended rationing.   

Mohd Radzi Zakaria, a trader at Pasar Besar Kuantan also said he ran out of his chickens quickly, receiving just 20 to 30 chickens a day versus 150 chickens a day before. Chicken traders of Negeri Sembilan said they had no broiler chicken left only at 7.30 am.

However, according to Bernama, there were sufficient chickens in some markets in Batu Pahat, Johor.

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By Saha on May 27, 2022


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