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Record Investment in Space Firms in 2021

The recent report by New York-based firm Space Capital states that private investing in space companies hit a record in 2021. Private investment in space companies reached $14.5 billion last year, up over 50% from that of 2020. Sierra Space, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and Planet Labs invested a record of $250 million.

Investment in space field is categorized ininfrastructure, distribution and application” the report said. Infrastructure or space companies include those that make satellites and rockets. Space Capital monitors 1,694 firms; they have totally received $252.9 billion through world's equity investments in all three categories since 2012.   

There was a record investment by venture capital companies in three categories, the quarterly report emphasized. 

Last year, venture investment in space-related companies stood at $17.1, representing 3% of overall global venture capital, the report underlined. The public markets are undergoing a change as technology and stocks are struck by rising interest rates. Chad C. Anderson, Founder and Managing Partner of Space Capital, expressed concern over this saying that if selloff in the public markets continues, it might not be easy for venture companies to raise investment like in 2021.

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By Saha on January 18, 2022


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