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Sofia Motor Show, June 3-12, 2022

Sofia Motor Show, which was postponed due to safety decisions on the COVID-19 pandemic, is held in Sofia’s Inter Expo Center, Bulgaria, this June. Being active from June 3 to June 12, the Auto & Automotive exhibition showcases the latest developments and accomplishments in the industry and aims to boost trade in auto industries around the world.

The international exhibition features more than 100 companies.

At the huge area of 12 000 sq.m., the 25th edition of the motor show will allow the visitors to see the most recent technology developments in auto industry and enjoy premier cars. A number of alternative vehicles including hybrid and plug-in fully-electric will be displayed in the exhibition.

Among the most reputable car displays in the world, the show is recorded in the official calendar of the International Organization of Automobile Manufacturers (OICA), along with cities including Paris, Munich, Geneva, Detroit, and Tokyo.

It is the biggest and most interesting exhibition in motor business throughout Bulgaria.

The car show offers a good opportunity to suppliers and retailers of spare parts, oils, tires, audio systems, car accessories, financial leasing companies, banks insurers and the like.

The exhibition’s organizers are happy to surprise visitors with impressive attractions, prizes and entertainment particularly this year. They are able to take part and test or purchase their favorite car models offered by many new brands exhibitors from Bulgaria in this show.

One of the participants in the show, who has filled out questionnaires, will have a chance to own a vehicle of the choice.

 The most prestigious motorcycles including HONDA, PEUGEOT, and SILENCE are also exhibited this year.

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By Saha on June 4, 2022


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