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National Restaurant Association's Call for Congress Aid

The National Restaurant Association’s request for contribution to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund comes amidst the omicron spread. In 2021, a fund of $28.6 billion was designed to help bars and restaurants struck badly by the covid-19. A restaurant’s total losses for one single location stood at $5 million.

Following depletion in funds, restaurants have called up for Congress to help with the crisis. In spite of lawmakers’ legislation to aid, the bills haven’t picked up steam. Seemingly, Biden and his administration has failed to back the industry.

However, the spread of the virus might be a game CHANGER. According to the report from the National Restaurant Association, 88% of restaurants faced a decline in indoor dining demand in the wake of the omicron.

Sean Kennedy, the National Restaurant Association’s top lobbyist, in his letter to Congress stated that the industry hasn’t been able to recreate the job opportunities lost as soon as the pandemic hit the world, over 650,000 jobs were lost.

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By Saha on January 24, 2022


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