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Morocco's Al Boraq to Use Clean Energy

Substitution of toxic non-renewable energy resources with solar and wind power is nothing new in the world. In American and Europe, measures have been taken to fight pollution through using renewable energy in various sectors. In Africa, Morocco, is among leading countries.


Al Boraq, Morocco's super-speed train, launches its work applying clean energy just a few days after the new year, according to the National Railways Office (ONCF).


ONCF transforms the country’s railway system through green power, supplied by a domestic operator. Advanced green enhancement helps the railway structure to replace 25% of their total electricity consumption with green energy, according to the statement by ONCF. The figure will hit 50% in the next year.


The measure will, in the near future, remove the entire toxic carbon emission; equal to decreasing 120,000 tons of CO2 a year or planting 4 million trees.


The clean policy, directed by HM King Mohammed VI, helps grow the amount of renewable energy in the country over 52% by the year 2030.  In this wise, Morocco will soon be among top countries in Africa to expand its renewable energy.


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By Saha on January 7, 2022

Gold Mines Required to Reach Climate Target

To control emissions in mines, gold miners are required to use renewable electricity instead of the current energy sources to meet the Paris Agreement’s requirements. The mandatory reduction in industry’s emissions should happen by 2050 to adapt to the Paris climate contract. John Mulligan, WGC climate change director, said decarbonization should be addressed in mines. Omitting 45% of electric grid and fossil fuels and replacing with renewable energy resources, the industry would stand at 1.5-degree Celsius (2.7-degree Fahrenheit) target. According to the WGC’s report, using coal power constantly would potentially hinder achieving the goal, however. Report’s data from 158 gold mines, representing nearly 55% of the world’s large-scale gold producing companies, doesn’t include info about China. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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