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Georgia Pacific's New Recyclable Cups

The Recycling giant Georgia Pacific announced that two of its mills in Oklahoma and Wisconsin are set to apply mixed paper bales, with disposable PE-covered paper cups to lessen the effects of climate change. Long used by popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s, the cups are pretty cheap. One great feature about this cup is that it contains a coating of polyethylene, which doesn’t allow the drink to penetrate into the paper. This action will help the company to recycle the materials with new high-tech. Then, the reused materials will enter a circle of converting the new type of non- polyethylene cups in NextGen Consortium. The company has been focusing on the new tech for quite a long time, 10 years. NextGen Consortium has planned to apply recyclable cups at coffee shops in Palo Alto as well as San Francisco. Samira H. 
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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