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Are Women Most Troubled in Post-coronavirus Era?

There’s not enough ground for women to showcase their abilities in IT. In the UK, women account for only 17% of IT industry. Regarding the current critical situation in the world, the prospects for women graduates to enter the IT market are so vague. Stephen Rooney, director of networking and careers organisation STEM Women, stated that diversity initiatives are on pause due to the struggling pandemic virus. He mentioned that things are making changes on their priority list after corona-virus hit the countries. He thinks that recent few years attempts to employ female gender in technology-related positions have been fruitless after Covid-19. So, women don’t seem to have any remarkable opportunities to take part in tech industry. Nonetheless, Stephen Rooney asks women, especially new female graduates in the field, to stay optimistic. He wants them to take advantage of lockdown to master the essential skills and abilities and contact with tech professionals. Meanwhile, the founder of membership group WeAreTechWomen, Vanessa Vallely also believes the pandemic will bring about a halt in employment plans for women. However, technology, she believes, is still able to benefit from this situation, where the pandemic has impacted the working population. According to her there might still be some hopes for women. Predicting a quick flow in technology industry, she said that technology is on top of our agenda at this juncture. Therefore, new job opportunities will be created for women. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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