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Protect Your Walls From Damage With The Corner Guards

Corner guards:

Corner guards are products invented to protect wall corners from damage while combining it with the current design. Corner protectors are available in a large variety of materials, sizes, and finishes. They are usually fixed in high-traffic spaces such as hallways and corridors. They can help in reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Different types of corner guards:

They may be used to increase the beauty of your home, as there are many different types of corner guards available in the market. These can be made from various materials. Let’s have a look at some of the corner guards and what they are used for.

Rubber corner guards:

Rubber corner guards are compact and elastic, so they are beneficial in giving protection. They are mostly used and found in warehouses where there may be a loading dock or storage space.

Clear corner guards:

These corner guards are more economical than the previous once. The good thing is, it mixes well with the wall design. If you have wallpaper, you can still see it. They are composed of light plastic but can resist high impact

Metal corner guards:

Depending on the building or the area in the building, metal corner guards can give a reliable solution in terms of protection. Steel and aluminum corner guards are useful when it is an area where an impact happening is very high.

2-Piece corner guards:

This type of corner guard is made up of a retainer that is attached to the wall. A plastic cover catches on to this retainer and hence, are also known as retainer guards. The main advantage of this type of corner guard is that the outer cover can be quickly removed and replaced if needed in the case of damage from impacts.

Colored corner guards:

These are made from different plastics. They have a few benefits over the transparent plastic guards. You can cover the damage. They can also adjust with a wall’s design, giving a more significant number of artistic choices.

Reasons to use corner guards:

We have known the types of corner guards. Now, let's run through the reasons why you should use corner guards for homes and offices.

  1. Protect Drywall Corners from Damage: Protecting walls from damage is the main reason to use it. Corners are usually the most damaged part of your home. The reason is that their position makes it easy for carrying objects to be caught on them. The result is cuts, gouges, and torn drywall paper. Using a guard strengthens the corner and gives an extra barrier that helps guard your finish. It will keep your corners looking great for years to come.
  2. Prevent Wallpaper from Stripping: With time, the wallpapers might peel at the corners. It occurs mainly in the kitchen and bathroom, where precipitation bites at the adhesive. If you intend to add wallpaper during repairs, consider adding a guard to every wallpapered corner to make the wallpaper looking excellent for much longer. A high-quality wall guard will hold the wallpaper in place and help your wall last longer and will save your money on renovations.
  3. Add Architectural Interest: If your room needs a little renovation, a decorative guard is an excellent way to shield and enhance a place. Wooden guards can add architectural factors, like crown moldings. Stainless steel and aluminum guard can form into complicated designs or have textured designs that add look to your home.
  4. Save Your Money: Unprotected walls and corners are usually ignored, which requires the home renovation plan. But having a guard in your home will help you protect your place, and you won’t need to spend thousands of bucks on home restoration projects. You don’t need to waste time and money on buying large equipment to renovate your home.
  5. Provide You Peace of Mind: When you have a secure and elegant home, you will feel the leisure of not having additional expenses every year. This feeling of relaxation will lead to peace of mind.
  6. Beautify A Space: Nowadays, these guards are available in many patterns, colors, and styles. Elegantly- designed guards will add a stylish look to your walls and fixtures. It will not provoke costly and hideous damage while improving the wall's appearance.
  7. Prevent Injury: Corners are a general area where the risks of injuries are more. Rubber corner guards are an outstanding answer to this problem and are very long-lasting. Young babies are very inclined to injury within corners. While running and playing, they like to hide behind the edges, and usually, they do not pay attention. A rubber guard on corners will depreciate injuries and keep you and your family safe.

Things to consider while choosing corner guards:

Searching for the best corner guard for any building is essential. One important factor is selecting between residential and commercial corner guards. Following are the two main factors which must be considered while choosing the corner guards:

  1. Durability: The corners and walls are subjected to constant damage, so it is essential to pick a corner guard that can survive the frequent damage. One of the best corner guard materials, which is ideal for this purpose, is aluminum. An aluminum corner guard with a retainer and Snap-On plastic cover gives two advantages: First, the cover will receive all the impacts and block the wall from getting damaged. Second, even if the cover gets destroyed, it can be efficiently removed and restored. That’s double protection in one corner guard!
  2. Maintenance: Maintenance is one of the most significant factors that must be considered when choosing a corer guard. The two best materials are PETG and Vinyl because of their minimum maintenance cost. Repeated cleaning will not provoke any damage to the corner guards. Moreover, the combination of Vinyl and the aluminum retainer will save on repair and maintenance costs.

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