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Vending Machine- A Profitable Business

Vending machine:

A vending machine is an automatic machine that gives items such as snacks, drinks, cigarettes, and lottery tickets to customers after cash, a credit card, or a specially created card is entered into it.

First vending machine:

The first modernized coin-operated vending machines were launched in London, England, in the early 1880s, distributing postcards. Percival Everitt designed the machine in 1883 and soon became a popular feature at railway stations and post offices, distributing envelopes, notes, and notepaper.

Types of vending machine:

In today’s world, several types of vending machines are out there. Some of them are: Bulk candy vending: These machines are filled with candies like M&Ms, gumballs, Skittles, Mike & Ike's, or maybe little stickers or toys in transparent globe encasing. With 25 cents, you can get 7 to 10 pieces of candy. Snacks and soda vending: These vending machines are usually the first ones people think of when thinking about the different vending machine types. You can see them everywhere - in malls, factories, on the highway, in the park, and in the highway rest area, to name just a few places. Combination vending machines: This is for those who want everything at the push of ONE button! Perhaps one of the most significant inventions in the world of retail in past years, linked with vending machines, It has changed the way people shop for food items, permanently. Entertainment vending machines: These are devised to be your one-stop-shop for entertainment. You can find vending machines that give movie CDs and DVDs, as well as video game CDs. You might also see the one which you can use to get weekend tickets to your favorite movie. Also known as kiosks, these are commonly seen at multiplexes. Vending machines for office supplies: These vending machines give you everything that you would probably need at work. Get the picture? You’re almost expected to find these machines at airports, business centers, schools, colleges, etc. Stocked with pens, pencils, stationery, USB flash drives, CD-ROMs, sheets of paper, etc., these machines are usually installed in places visited by students and office goers.

5 unique vending machines around the globe:

If you think vending machines are only filled with chips, candy, and soda, think again. We gathered a list of some of the coolest, weirdest, and utterly shocking vending machines around the world. Here goes:

  1. Gold to Go Vending Machine:

Where to find it: Dubai It’s called the Gold to Go machine, and it’s the first gold vending machine around the world seen in Dubai Mall, UAE.  This machine is secured by armored guards all day long, and reasonably so. This glittering ATM ejects out 24-karat gold in 320 different forms: gold bars, coins, and even ornaments.  

  1. Let’s Pizza Vending Machine:

Where to find it: Italy Microwave pizza just met its competition. Why pay for soggy pizza just because you’re in a hurry? You can put some money in a vending machine and push a button, and after three minutes, you’ll have freshly made pizza. The machine, called Let’s Pizza, can be filled with the ingredients for making 100 pizzas, from the start! Not joking: it even makes the dough!

  1. Live Bait Vending Machine:

Where to find it: Montana Got bait? You do now…a minnow-filled vending machine has been installed in Montana’s Tongue River Reservoir State Park, according to the Billings Gazette. The machine will guarantee minnows are not illegally brought into Montana from nearby states.

  1. French Fry Vending Machine:

Where to find it: Russia In 90 seconds, you can have fresh French fries, fried to order, and gave into an easy to eat on the go paper cup. It also comes with ketchup for your dipping enjoyment!

  1. Used Underwear Vending Machine:

Where to find it: Japan Eventually, what we’ve all been waiting for! For many years now, it’s been something of an urban myth, but it does exist. That’s true, a panty vending machine. And not just any panties…used panties. Now, this is a must buy…for someone out there.?

Tips to choose best location for a vending machine:

Just like location concerns when buying real estate, the same refers to your vending machine. Demographics, weather, and how available other nearby food/drink is, can all dramatically affect your business.

  1. We recommend picking a place that has a minimum of 30+ regular people daily. This total of 30 can be a mix of staff members, contractors, or consumers who walk-in.
  2. Sites with a “blue-collar” working environment should do well with at least 25 regular people (daily). Examples of a blue-collar vending place are factories, warehouses, mining plants, and other areas where quality food is hard to find.
  3. Sites that have a “white-collar” working environment should do fine with at least 35 regular people (daily). Examples of a white-collar vending place are office buildings, airports, and places in the CBD.
  4. If the machine is located in a building with two main areas where most people gather, always choose the area that tends to have a more significant number of people.


Advantages of vending machine business:

Some people feel that the money is in the banks, but we here at alietc think differently. Instead, we know that “the money is in the vending machine.” Apart from being a very cash-heavy type of business, there are benefits of being involved in the vending industry. As a vending machine business owner, you’ll enjoy many advantages apart from the extra money you’ll be making.

  • Make a Good Yearly Income – By sticking to your machine business, you’ll likely end up earning an above-average income.
  • Reach Profitability Fast – Compared to the average business out there, a vending machine business has a very high investment interest. There are not too many other businesses out there that can say such a thing. Once you have paid for your machine (12 to 18 months), it’s all profit from then! Then you can add a 2nd machine to your business if you like and observe your sales double spontaneously.
  • Low time Commitment – Running a vending machine business doesn’t need all of your time. 1 – 2 days is all that’s required to run your business efficiently. This allows you extra time to do more of the things you enjoy doing!


Vending Machine Earning Statistics:


Period: Average Earnings (per Machine)
Weekly Earnings $164
Monthly Earnings $715
Yearly Earnings $8,580


Tips to start a vending machine business:

Given below, you will find the best tips to start your vending machine business.

  1. First, determine if a vending machine business is right for you.
  2. Remember that a vending machine business needs at least 2 hours a week of your time.
  3. Select how many machines you want to start with.
  4. Decide on the places you will be able to service.
  5. Note that you could make your money back within 12-18 months
  6. Reach a vending machine supplier like alietc, as you will need to buy some vending machines.
  7. Decide which products you will stock your vending machine with.

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