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Metro Brands' Union with FitFlop

Metro Brands, footwear retail company, on Friday signed an agreement with FitFlop company on sales in India.

FitFlop, which is now distributed in more than 60 countries across the world, is famed for producing comfy sandals, slippers, boots, and shoes in premier designs, using biomechanical technology. Marcia Kilgore, the Canadian-born entrepreneur, opened up cozy, stylish footwear of FitFlop in 2007.

Over the last four years, Metro Brands has been offering FitFlop products in Indian markets. The recent contract ensures the rights of selling FitFlop in brand stores, airport stores, and online marketing websites of India, Metro Brands stated.

Through this collaboration, Metro Brands is hopeful to serve the Indians who respect comfort and stylishness.

Nissan Joseph, Metro Brands’ CEO, said that our broad network along with the unique expertise of FitFlop in biomechanics will help us find our way to the Indian houses to peerless comfort and style.

Likewise, Gianni Georgiades, FitFlop’s CEO, also gave his opinion saying that it’s delightful to cooperate with one of the biggest footwear brands in India.

He also added we will benefit from Metro Brands’ wide, strong network and market share. With the support and reliability of Metro Brands, this partnership is expected to bring us a good niche in India, he stated.

With stores in 136 cities and 30 states in India, Metro Brands aims to take advantage of its broad network and strong distribution in order to propel FitFlop’s growth in India.

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By Saha on January 15, 2022


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