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WHO to Hold Infodemic Course

People across the world have been experiencing the new are regarding their health since the Covid-19 outbreak. The impacts of the pandemic are not deniable. A massive amount of information is spread in communities each and every day. People are, indeed, bombarded with lots of information and perhaps misinformation in this critical time. They feel mixed up over which info to rely on.

World Health Organization, WHO, is holding a specific education course to help public opinion go on the right track.

Among other items, the basic features of the course involve:

*Defining infodemic

*Discovering mpacts of infodemic on public health

*Individual’s role to play

*Distinguishing the concepts of disinformation, malinformation and misinformation

*Getting to know tricks used by malicious players to spread untrue information

*Analyzing visual nature of materials

The 4-hour-long course will allow attendees to grasp constructive information and acquire a Record of Achievement.

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By Saha on February 6, 2022


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