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Pair Trawlers Threaten Sierra Leone's Fishery

Sierra Leone’s unauthorized fishing is shattering the fish industry. Fierce small-scale fishermen complain about their lessened fishing activities, a severe problem for the country’s economy with abundant aquatic life. Huge trawl nets are copiously used by fishermen, who illegally travel into the prohibited Inshore Exclusive Zones (IEZ). Pair Trawling and overfishing account for the country’s decreasing fish supplies. Aimed for artisanal fishers, the IEZ is a region for fish breeding and reproduction. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, each year 83,000 tons of fish is caught in the country’s water bodies, most of which is trapped by foreign-owned ships and directly delivered to overseas fish markets especially Europe and the US. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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