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Tissue-Me Exhibition, Egypt September 2022

Tissue Middle East international (Tissue-ME) exhibition will be held in Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC) from September 3rd to 5th, 2022. The 9th exhibition basically features tissue and hygiene products. 

TISSUE-ME trade fairs focus on the fast growth of tissue and allied industries, machines and equipment, as well as raw materials, organizing the event in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA).

Last year, the MENA trade fair saw an unpredictable growth in the industry from paper and tissue to disposable hygiene items, packaging and printing.

In Tissue – ME exhibition, suppliers, manufacturers, and dealers who are involved in the industry come together to catch up with their global competitors to expand in the market.

The massive commercial venue for international tradesmen introduces new machinery to manufacturers and offers quality tissue items, raw materials, and logistics services to buyers and other suppliers.

Now let’s take a look at the history of the fair’s evolution:

In the 1970s, tissue paper products in the region developed when only few paper converting factories worked in countries like Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey.

The end of 1990s saw a growth in consumption of disposable products; investments entered tissue market and a large number of paper tissue producers purchased new paper machines and facilitates for countries beyond Egypt and Turkey including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In the 2000s, the factories boomed, producing tissue products in a large capacity and providing the market with the needed supplies. They were expanded and even exported to continents of Europe and Africa.

Currently, over 40 tissue factories are working in the MENA region; a portion of huge paper rolls, made from virgin and recycled pulps, is exported and the remaining is converted to paper facial products, toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins and the like.

It was estimated that by 2020 the demand for tissue would increase to over a million tpy in the MENA region.

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By Samira Ha. on September 2, 2022


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