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Omicron's Worrying Surge

The World Health Organization (WHO) deplored over the fact that following the Omicron variant, 500,000 deaths have been recorded.

Since discovery of the new variant in late November, Omicron has fast been spreading; it has overshadowed its counterpart of Delta as it is easier to transmit; though not as severe.

Mahamud said while affective vaccines are in the market it’s sad to see half a million people die. Although everyone believes that omicron is less severe, they are ignorant of the fact that half a million people have lost their lives since its discovery. 

WHO and aid parties announced the global plan to provide poorer nations with Covid-19 tests, treatments and vaccines has not been more than 5% of the donation this year. ACT Accelerator funded $23.4 billion on its work from October 2021 to September 2022. It hoped $16.8 billion of this figure to be granted by rich countries. Nonetheless, as yet only $814 million has been donated.

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By Saha on February 9, 2022


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