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United Calls off Flights as Crew's Covid Cases Grow

There has been a limit in the U.S. Airlines’ timetables since the end of 2021 due to spread of Omicron.

Following to a jump in sick leave of the crew, United Airlines is putting limits to its schedules, CEO Scott Kirby announced. Thousands of flights were canceled as a result of snow blizzard and an increase in the crew’s covid cases.

American JetBlue Airways was the first to reduce its timetable for January followed by Alaska Airlines. According to American Airlines, the reduction will go on this week with a jump in covid cases among the staff.

United airway is cutting down its near future timetables to ensure the health of customers, Kirby announced in his memo. However, there’s no report on the number of canceled flights.

United air carrier, with nearly 3,000 workers positive for the virus, has called off some flights, Kirby added. The number accounts for 4% of its U.S. personnel.

He also added at Newark Metropolitan Airport, in New Jersey, almost one-third of the employees took a sick leave within only one single day. He said no vaccinated workers of the airway, meaning over 96% of the personnel, are in hospitals.

December 31, United Airlines, Inc. tripled pilots pays for travels through January. Sick calls in pilots reached a record, the pilots’ union announced.

Southwest Airlines granted a bonus to pilots in January.

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By Saha on January 12, 2022


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