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Recovery in Sales in Fashion Businesses

Retailer companies show hints of slow recovery after the hard-hit economy season in the pandemic. Businesses involving Tapestry, Nordstrom, and Michael Kors parent Capri Holdings will get back to normal in the near future. Nevertheless, the overall perspective still sounds vague. In the meantime, a large number of fashion clothing, shoes and accessories businesses in China have seen a recovery; and North America is going through the same thing. In Europe, there’s uncertainty as to when the rebound will happen since new quarantine restrictions are ongoing.

Nordstrom predicts to see a growth in its revenues, about 25%. Over the holiday quarter, the company’s sales dropped almost 20%. Tapestry saw a pickup in its digital shopping, a triple-digit growth; however, its sales fell during this holiday quarter. The company predicts a rise in its sales this quarter.

Samira H.

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By Saha on October 19, 2021


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