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Ni Konect App Allows Tanesco Customers to Use Services

TANZANIA announced the launch of an online system to provide power services through efficient ways.  

Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO), in Mwanza, has come up with a system to expedite access to services.

'Ni Konect' is the system that on its first day has managed to draw 130 people requesting electricity connection services.

Designed by the utility company, the simple system offers convenience to its customers, stated Said Msemo, TANESCO Mwanza Regional Manager. With the development of online communications, the firm devised the system to easily provide multiple services including applying for electricity connection, he added.

Downloading the Ni Konect application will enable the customers to go through the steps to apply for the service, Mesmo also said.

The system has been initiated and public notified of the benefits so customers are able to easily access the services, avoid waste of time, and eliminate bureaucratic steps and unqualified electricians, he said.

The system allows the company to fight challenges the customers might face so they are served in a timely manner with no inconvenience, he added. According to him, customers are able to get connected to electric power for a duration of 4 to 7 days. There is no need to refer to TANESCO offices as they are also able to use other services simultaneously; hopefully the system will interest them, Mesmo added.

The app is available on the organization’s website. Customers can rely on cellphones, computer or laptops to use the newly-designed system. Normal phone customers have to dial 152 * 00# to activate the system.

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By Saha on June 14, 2022


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