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Nestle's Plan to Tackle Child Labor in Cocoa Industry

Problems like child labor, among others, is threatening the cocoa industry. But there’s no solution to this unless the fundamental problems are tackled. 

The child labor has been handled by local governments and private sector in West Africa who try to supervise farms, guide communities and develop schools for kids. Although there have been efforts in this regard, evaluations assert that they haven’t been a success with regard to extensive systematic change. Child labor is still a big risk in the cocoa supply chain amidst rising demand for sustainable sources. So, there’s a need to come up with a new approach to deal with the basic deep-rooted causes like poverty in the rural areas. The plan of rise in cocoa prices has not been fruitful for the farmers community. Rising prices often work for large-scaled farm lands rather than small ones.

The key to resolve this is to serve all farms of any size and grant financial aids for a stable economy, which supports the reformative agricultural activities to save the environment as well as helping local farmers and next generations.

Nestle’s recent plan is capitalizing US$1.4 billion for the upcoming decade to help thousands of cocoa farmers. Based on this plan, farmers will get money incentives to make use of practices that help women and kids, expand their yields, guarantee sustainable agriculture and offer extra sources of income for families. 

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By Saha on January 28, 2022


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