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Carlsberg To Test Green Beer Bottles Across Europe

Carlsberg Group Brewing company is going to test its recyclable fiber beer bottles in Europe. Made of a wood-based fiber shell and plant-based polyethylene Furanoate (PEF) polymer liner, 8000 bottles will be taken as samples in countries such as France, the UK, and Poland. According to the Danish multinational brewer, these bottles, like glass bottles, maintain the same “taste and fizziness”. They are able to retain the cold beer for a longer time.

The newly-designed bottles are bio-based (excluding the cap). However, it is planned to offer the bottles with sustainable plastic cap next year.

It has been a big challenge to recognize and produce PEF as a container for beers, said Stéphane Munch, the Vice President Product Development at Carlsberg Group. He also said it will be a big achievement to attain good results after trials, work with suppliers and see bottles on the filling line.

The brewery company, he said, will continuously collaborate with its partners including Avantium, the innovative company in renewable chemistry and producer of PEF, as well as with Packaging and Containers Manufacturing Paboco, producer of outer shell of the bottle. They will help the company with developing beer packaging.

Since 2015, Carlsberg Group has been cooperating with its partners to design the bottles.

With the best beer in the global market, Carlsberg is trying to produce beer with barley malt grown by fully-organic and regenerative agricultural methods cooperating with Soufflet, the French agri-food group which supplies barley malt.

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By Saha on June 22, 2022


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