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Avocados Imports' Suspension Lowers Supply

The U.S government suspended Avocados imports from Mexico in the wake of a threat to the U.S. plant safety inspector, the Mexican government approved on Saturday. The suspension duration is not clear though. The Mexican state of Michoacan was fully certified for exporting avocados to the U.S. before the halt. Approximately 80% of the fruit in the U.S. were imported from this region, said David Magana, Rabobank's Senior Fruits & Vegetables Analyst.

He added avocados will undoubtedly be less available in the upcoming weeks and the prices will also be affected awhile.

Avocado production in California has, however, increased almost 15% versus a year before, which might slightly make up for some of the supply concerns.

The delicious fruits' sales have increased as they have gained popularity since Michoacan have been exporting avocados for nearly 25 years.

Avocado’s consumption quadrupled in America from 2001 to 2018, eight pounds a year per person, the U.S. Department of Agriculture declared.

I don’t believe that the impact of temporary suspension will be serious, said Magana.

The fruit’s prices are unsteady; last year higher delivery led to unusual low prices; however high demand in 2021 increased its prices.

Grocery stores won’t only be under pressure of the import halt; restaurants, too, will probably pay more to purchase avocados amid low supply.

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By Saha on February 17, 2022


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