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Gene-Altered Cattle Allowed for Food, FDA

For the first time, the FDA has finally allowed bioengineered cattle in meat market. Named a “low-risk determination”, two gene-edited beef cattle and their offspring can be used for food. According to FDA, the meat products from them imposes low risk to consumers. Genetically-modified animals for food use have been monitored and regulated by the FDA since 2017.

The bioengineered cattle have short hair, slick coat, to help them cope better with the heat. In a report, the FDA said the genetic products are soon used from the two in the global market with select customers. It is expected that their meat will be offered to general customers in two years, said the FDA.

The genes were modified with CRISPR technology by Acceligen, a pioneer in precision breeding.

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By Saha on March 19, 2022


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