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Luxury Companies Trying to Produce Facial Masks

Many big companies have recently been working on designing and producing the quality health-protective products since the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus. Among them is Prada, the reputable fashion brand, making masks for medical personnel. While producing high-quality, chic clothing and footwear, and fashion accessories, it has decided to make 110,000 facial masks. Equally, top brand name, Gucci, is going to produce over 1 million of them. H&M Group also announced that it will make protective gear for healthcare workers. LVMH, the world’s top luxury producer in clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories and the like, is providing over 40 million masks for French officials. The popular brand name among women, Mango, no exception on its move to combat the virus, has assisted with donation of 2 million facial masks to the hospitals in Spain. Shifting their focus to safety products, these popular companies are trying to satisfy hospital workers in their campaign to fight the pandemic. Other non-big brands like Christian Siriano and Collina Strada are manufacturing surgical masks for doctors. So, it seems like production companies across the world are united to withstand the alarming situation with manufacturing their safety gears and equipment. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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