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How Use of Boards Can Change The Teaching

Definition of board

A board is a flat, thin, rectangular piece of wood or plastic which used in classrooms, meeting rooms, and boardrooms. It is made of melamine, allows non-permanent markings, and generally mounted on the wall.

What is whiteboard?

Whiteboards are becoming more modern than their older complement, the chalkboard. A whiteboard is an excellent choice if your purpose is to display messages quickly and efficiently. A whiteboard can also be used for posting announcements, reminders, and other pertinent school-related information. Teachers and students can use colored board markers to focus on vital details, such as venues, dates, names, topics, etc. Also, since the surfaces of these boards are smooth and flat, writing on them is a breeze. Furthermore, various items such as paper, pamphlets, and flyers can also be attached to these boards. With the help of magnetic board holders, such things can be firmly affixed, making them accessible to the public.

Why Whiteboard is used in schools

An interactive whiteboard in the classroom provides students with the technology they know and understand. It enhances collaboration and invites interaction with the lesson. Afterward, students can see how the technology they use connects to the lessons they learn in school. These school dry erase boards are custom made for school students such that the teacher can write data and rewrite them with much clarity. The teachers also enjoy teaching the students with these types of boards. These boards are those made in the format so that a marker specified can be used which is designed to give much clarity even from distant vision and also the writings of the marker can be erased by the duster that is usually provided with the school boards. Many of the companies which manufacture these types of boards sell them at an economical rate to the schools and the products are usually with much durability and are safe to use. The fact of chalk waste and dust are neglected in case of them, and also the toxic or pungent smell is reduced to a considerable amount. These can be bought in sets concerning the number of students in the class and can be distributed to each student. When a teacher puts forth a question to the students, and if the answers are to be let out in a written format, the school dry erase boards serve the best. The student, for example, in a math class, can answer the question put forth by the teacher in his or her own and can be readily shown to the teacher sitting at his or her own place. This saves time for both the students and the teacher, and also, the purchase is made economical when they are bought in sets for the class students. Most companies that offer these types of boards give shipping free offers for the customers. That is, the buyer's purchase cost can be paid alone, and the company which sells the product delivers it free right at the customer's place. The advantages for the students and the teachers are found to be numerous and the facts on which is usually given in the sites of the company, which sells the school dry erase boards to the customers or the public. Adhesive Color Big Soft Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard is one of the best whiteboards.

How many types of school boards

There are mainly two types of board writing board and Display Board. The display board and Writing board are the most basic installations at study halls, schools, instructing classes, office, meeting rooms, gatherings, emergency clinics, inns, and cafés. Writing Boards: There are two types of Writing Boards.

  1. Writing Chalkboards 2. Writing Whiteboards

Advantages and disadvantages of whiteboards

  • Chalk sticks create lots of dirt, while markers do not. An allergy patient does matter! However, dustless chalk is a more suitable option.
  • Whiteboards can be used as a projecting means for projectors.
  • A magnetic whiteboard can be used as a note board.
  • The Whiteboard marker requires extraordinary attention, must be capped while it is not in use.
  • It remains for 3 to 4 weeks then wipes out. Markers have pungent fragrance.

board school Display Boards: Display Boards have four types.

  1. A bulletin board or Pinup board: Posters, charts, notices, public information, and massages are pinned using push pins. Boards are made of soft board sheets and covered with felt, velvet, or fabric.
  2. Magnetic boards: Frequently magnetic chalkboard or magnetic whiteboard or magnetic Dry Erase Board are used as a magnetic display board.
  3. Flannel Boards: A Plywood, MDF, or Hardboard sheet covered with a flannel cloth is known as a flannel board! Cardboard parts are, flannel or Velcro may be repaired on the board. Hardboard jigsaw cuttings additionally work. A flannel board is  essential to level in the schoolroom. It is used for storytelling, Math, and language utility.
  4.  Perforated boards: Perforated Boards are pre-drilled with calmly separated cells. The cells are used to allow pegs of various length plastic letters and figures. It is also termed as a menu board. Perforated show boards are mostly used at the office, inns, auditorium, and public places.

The 4 Best Whiteboards and Dry Erase Boards


1.   Luxor Dual-Sided Dry Erase Board / Whiteboard


  • Double the writing space and give the mobility required.
  • The steel frame's slim footprint is perfect in a professional area.
  • Locking obstacles and side handles steady the frame for writing or performing.
  • 1" aluminum structure gives a clean display.
  • Take benefit of high mobility with four casters and two locking brakes.
  • A full-length marker/eraser tray gives ample room for board stuff.

2.   VIZ-PRO Whiteboard / Dry Eraser Board


  • Silver varnished aluminum frame
  • ABS plastic edges with screw-fixing
  • Include adjustment kits, pen tray
  • Non-magnetic
  1. Quartet Glass Magnetic Whiteboard / Dry Erase Board
  • Upgrade your office or home with this gift glass dry erase board.
  • The sophisticated frame-less layout seems to float on the wall, making it an individual focal point of your space.
  • Multi-functional steel-backed magnetic glass is excellent for meetings and displays.
  • Mount vertically or horizontally to fit your place.

4.   Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Board / Whiteboard

  • Enamel whiteboard covering will not stain, ghost, scratch, or dent.
  • Easy-to-clean writing surface needs minimal use of Quartet cleaning solutions.
  • Anodized, satin-finish aluminum structure.
  • Mounting hardware and full-length maker rail included.

Either uses sentences or phrases; phrases don't need a full stop!

What countries are the biggest exporters of the whiteboard in the world?


Rank Country
1 China
2 United States
3 Germany
4 Japan

What is the price range of the school and office whiteboard?

Usage/Application Min Price Max Price
Office 7.18$ 32.89$
School 2.54$ 7.18$
School 0.27$ 281.407$

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