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Tanzania: Second Largest Livestock in Africa

Tanzania has still retained its status in livestock; the second largest in Africa, the country with an overall 33.9 million cattle comes next to Ethiopia, 60.39 million cattle. It is now working on the meat and skin to develop the industry domestically and internationally. According to the recent data by NBS (the National Bureau of Statistics), small farms held 24.5 million goats compared to huge farms with 33,347 million goats. Equally, small-scale farms had 8.5 million sheep while the number in large farms is 24.236 million. Also 3.2 million pigs were kept in small farms with 5.153 million in big farms. The report also said that peasants kept 75.1 million chickens and large farmers owned 12.6 million, totaled at 87.7 million. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021

Benefits Of Canola That May Change Your Perspective

What is Canola?

Canola is a crop that grows along with plants three to five feet tall, from which canola oil and food preparation seeds are harvested and crushed. These plants produce little, yellow flowers, which beautify the environment. Canola seeds contain about 45% oil. That large percentage of oil comes in a small package. Canola seeds are about the size of poppy seeds, although they are brownish-black in color. From germination to seed making, the life period of a canola plant takes about 3 ½ months, depending on temperature, moisture, sunlight, and soil fertility. Canola is the cool season crop. It grows especially well on prairies, where cold nights and hot days allow it to develop its own unique fatty acid profile. Canola belongs to a part (or genus) of the crucifer family called Brassica. In addition to canola, brassica plants include mustard, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and turnips. Brasicas is a great source of food in many countries, including Canada.

Where did Canola Come From?

The name Canola was recorded as a trademark in Canada in 1970. The name comes from Can as in Canada and from Ola in oil! The plant was bred by Canadian scientists Dr. Keith Downey and Dr. Baldur Stefansson, who selected rapeseed populations when looking for a crop that would produce a healthy, edible oil product. Before canola oil, most Canadian oils were used for edible purposes and people wanted domestic edible oils. Canola was selected from rapeseed by the knowledge and ingenuity of these Prairie Plant scientists. Canola is not rapeseed. It looks the same but the nutritional makeup is very different. Canola came after years of hard work, research, and countless field tests of new plant species. The canola oil has a complement of fatty acids that make it one of the healthiest oils. The canola oil is also a source of Vitamins E and K. Canola meal is a nutritious livestock feed.

Cooking with Canola

Canola is a versatile oil that can be used in baking, sautéing, frying, marinating, and salad dressings. Salad Dressings Canola oil has a light taste and color, stays liquid in the fridge (making it free-running), and blends well with herbs and spices. Baking Canola oil is used in baking results in a soft, moist texture. It can also be used to grease baking pans and can be used to replace high-saturated or Trans fats as an ingredient. Canola oil does not impart a distinctive flavor to baked products. Deep-Frying The Canola oil has a high smoke point. Even after a long frying time, canola oil forms a minimal amount of Tran’s fats. It doesn’t transfer food flavors. Marinades Canola oil in a marinade helps moisturize the food while the acid (vinegar or lemon juice, etc.) helps to tenderize it. Canola oil's mild flavor allows the flavors in food and the other marinade ingredients to prevail. The liquid stay in the refrigerator allows the canola marinade to be easily removed. It stays liquid in the refrigerator, which simplifies the marinating process. How to Store Canola oil is stored in a cool, dark place. Under these conditions, it will keep up to one year if tightly-sealed.  Storing canola oil in a warm, light intensive place can speed up oxidation which causes the oil to turn rancid.

Why Use Non-Hydrogenated Canola Margarine?

  • It has less Trans and saturated fats.
  • It is recommended as a heart-healthy choice.
  • It contains Vitamins A and E.
  • It has cholesterol-lowering effects.
  • It contains essential fatty acids.
Vegetable Oil Comes From Some food products may include canola oil labeled "vegetable oil." "Vegetable oil" on a label allows food manufacturers to change or add oil without changing the product label. This is not always the healthiest choice as there is no guarantee of the oil’s fatty acid composition.

Put Good Fat in your Diet!

People think that all fat is bad. In fact, fat is an important part of the diet, providing the largest amount of energy per gram in any food. In addition, fats help keep us warm and regulate our immune system. They contain essential fat-soluble vitamins and fatty acids and improve the taste of food. However, there is general agreement among health professionals that the type of fat eaten is as important as the amount eaten. That's why it's important to choose healthy unsaturated fats like canola oil. Canola oil is a healthy vegetable oil available to consumers. It is the lowest in saturated fat, which raises bad LDL cholesterol and is linked to an increased risk of heart disease. It is high in monounsaturated fat which can reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering bad LDL cholesterol in the blood and helping to control blood glucose. And, it's high in omega-3 fats as well as a source of omega-6 fats - both of which you must include in your diet. Canola oil does not contain trans-fat and is cholesterol-free. It is high in vitamin E which protects against oxidative damage and can prevent cancer and heart disease. The Canola oil is also a source of Vitamin K which is important to blood clotting and bone metabolism.   FOOD PRODUCTS FROM CANOLA OIL:  
  • Margarine
  • Coffee whitener
  • Cooking spray
  • Snack foods
  • Liquid shortening
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salad oil
  • Sandwich spread
  • Shortening
  • Creamer
  • Cookies
  • Crackers
  • Cake mixes
  • Bread
  • High-stability frying oil
  • Antistatic for paper and plastic wrap
  • Biodiesel
  • Dust depressants
  • De-icer for airplanes
  • Printing ink
  • Suntan oil
  • Bioplastics
  • Biodegradable greases
  • Livestock feed
  • Protein isolates for human food
  • Fertilizer
  • Pet food
  • Fish food
  • Poultry feed

Who produces the most canola?

The 20 percent of the world's canola is produced by Canada, by far the largest exporter, accounting for 74 percent of export trade.

What is the price of canola per bushel?

Canola that began in 2019 with a cash price of about $10.50 per bushel is down to about $9.75. Some analysts believe it will be trading in the $9 to $9.50 range by summer. Canola Oil Suppliers Name Samira H. Revised Date: 16-07-2020
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By ali etc on October 19, 2021

Using Poisonous Chemicals to Preserve Fish

Food traders in Africa are applying poisonous chemicals to preserve the fish and meat. While these chemicals are a threat to human food chain, the governments have thoughtlessly overlooked the destructive effect of such toxic substances on humans. The departmental delegate of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA), Serge-Claire Nkolo, says fishers let toxic insecticides, like, Gamalin, into the water. This way, all sea life forms, including living animals and plants, are destroyed and come to the waters surface. This is a quite easy way to collect plenty of fish. An honest fishmonger confirms that some salespersons use excess fabric from tailors to burn and smoke the fish. Clément Polewa, a farm advisor in Douala, says that some hunters and butchers also use formalin, a preservative applied for dead bodies, to preserve the flesh of animals and keep it for a long time. The terrifying story is not over yet; some thoughtless Ethiopian farmers use a large amount of formalin as a way to preserve milk. This is while the US Environmental Protection Agency considers this product as a “probable human carcinogen”, proved to cause leukemia and nasal cavity cancers. Fishers and salespeople must be informed about dangers of using toxic preservatives before their practice becomes so popular in the fish industry. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021

Frozen Mutton Suppliers - Guidelines

There are several companies that produce frozen mutton. The most important thing to do is to find a company that offers quality products. This can be a challenge for many, but it is very possible to find a frozen mutton supplier that produces products that are good. Here are some tips that will help you find the best frozen mutton supplier. When choosing a supplier for frozen mutton, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first thing that you need to consider is the quality of the frozen mutton. You want to choose a supplier that offers frozen mutton that is of good quality. It is not always easy to find the right supplier, but you need to choose a supplier that offers good quality frozen mutton. Once you have determined the quality of the frozen mutton, you will need to look at the cost of frozen mutton. If you find a supplier that is less expensive, you will want to think about how long you will need to use their services. The more time you have to use their services, the more expensive it will be. Another consideration to make when choosing a frozen mutton supplier is the kind of service that they offer. If you are going to use their services for a long period of time, you should look for a company that offers good customer service. Customer service can be a problem in the food industry, so this is something that you need to look for when choosing a supplier. If you choose a supplier that offers frozen mutton at a reasonable price, then you may want to look at the suppliers options that are available. This is another factor that you will need to consider when selecting a supplier. The type of mutton that you need will affect the supplier that you choose. You may want to lookat frozen mutton that is available for different occasions or seasons. Another way to find a supplier is to look online. This is because you can find a lot of frozen mutton suppliers online. By using an online search, you will be able to find a supplier that has frozen mutton that you can use and get the job done. The next thing that you need to consider when looking for a supplier is to find a supplier that has a lot of different frozen mutton varieties. This will allow you to be able to buy a variety of frozen mutton varieties, depending on what your needs are. You will be able to find frozen mutton that is perfect for every occasion, including holidays, special occasions, and many others. When looking for a supplier, you should be able to find frozen mutton that is sold in bulk. It is important to find a supplier that offers frozen mutton that is bought in bulk so that you can save money when buying it. You should also find a supplier that offers a wide variety of frozen mutton varieties. This will give you a wide variety of frozen mutton to use in your business. When you are looking for frozen mutton, you will want to find a supplier that offers a variety of frozen mutton varieties. This is important, as you will want to have different varieties of frozen mutton that you can use in your business. You will need different frozen mutton varieties to use on different types of occasions. One of the things that you should consider when looking for frozen mutton is to find a supplier that has good quality frozen mutton. A good supplier will offer frozen mutton that is of good quality. You will want to make sure that you are using the best quality frozen mutton that you can afford. It is important to compare prices when looking for frozen mutton. You will want to choose a supplier that offers frozen mutton that is of good quality and at a price that you can afford. You will also want to make sure that you are not paying too much for frozen mutton. These are just a few tips that you will need to know when looking for a frozen mutton supplier. When you know what to look for, you will be able to find a great supplier that will be able to provide you with the frozen mutton that you need to use in your business. Read more to find canned mutton: Name: Samira H Revised Date: 16- 06-2020
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By Ali etc on October 19, 2021

How Herbicides and Pesticides Are Supplied

The pest control industry has developed many processes to address the problems caused by pesticide ingredients. These techniques are combined with training programs and EPA regulations to provide chemical services that are safe for the environment and meet EPA standards. Organophosphates are used in a variety of agricultural applications including herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. However, the use of organophosphates and associated pesticides must be regulated by the EPA in order to avoid the risk of human health effects such as breathing or poisoning the soil.

Insecticides are used to control insects

In order to control insects, insecticides are used. Insecticides can cause exposure to people and animals, particularly children, when ingested or come into contact with the skin. Herbicides are used to control weeds, control insects, and make the area safer for humans. Additionally, most of the herbicides that are used for these purposes have the potential to be absorbed by plants. So, additional practices must be taken to protect the environment and people. Many farmers are accustomed to using the same pesticides for both their plants and their livestock. Herbicides and pesticides may be delivered through the use of drip lines, ground hoeing, or even hand-held sprayers. However, it is important to note that these techniques are only effective if the proper preparations are made for the application of these chemicals. They are available at many facilities across the country.

Methods of applying herbicides and pesticides

There are a number of methods that are used to apply herbicides and pesticides. The most common of these methods is a cloth-type application. The application takes place after the weeds are removed from the plot. Another method is the spraying of either low or high levels of herbicides over the top of the weeds. High levels of herbicides are often sprayed in groups. This is done to minimize the amount of herbicide left on the surface of the ground. The pressure of the group of herbicides is enough to push the weeds out of the way. A third method is to apply herbicides to the soil before the weeds are planted. This is called the pre-emergent application. It is the best way to control weeds before they are planted. An easier technique is the introduction of herbicides to the ground in areas that have not been sprayed yet. This technique is called application timing. This method is also used to control weeds prior to planting. Herbicides are applied at different times of the year to achieve a specific effect. The methods of application depend on the growing season. Some chemicals are usually applied during the growing season and are normally used all year. For instance, a pesticide that was sprayed for control of weeds in the fall might be used to control leaves on trees in the spring. Pre-emergent formulations are used in spring and summer to control green and brown un-weeded areas. For use in the fall, herbicides are applied directly to the soil. One last note, herbicides and pesticides can be costly. However, most professional facilities are well aware of the financial implications of providing a quality service. Therefore, professional herbicide and pesticide suppliers exist to provide these products. Read more to buy agriculture products: Name: Samira H. Revised Date: 25- 06-2020
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By Ali etc on October 19, 2021

Livestock Poultry Meat Animal Products Suppliers

There are many of livestock poultry meat animal products suppliers available in the UK. However, finding these suppliers and identifying which ones will provide the best quality product is a significant undertaking. Here are some helpful tips to get you started. When searching for livestock poultry meat animal products suppliers, it is very important to find out which ones will be able to supply the highest quality product for the lowest price. Of course, there are going to be others that are going to offer similar products for less, but you need to be certain that you will get what you pay for. For the most part, the pricing is going to be the first and foremost consideration. The next step is to identify the number of producers that will be producing the products from your desired supplier.

Research and make a list of the livestock poultry meat animal products

It is very important to research and make a list of the livestock poultry meat animal products suppliers in your area that will be able to meet your specific needs. You also want to ensure that they are licensed by the appropriate authorities in the country you live in. Once you have identified the supply company in your area that can meet your minimum standards, then you can begin your research. It is highly advisable to do some research on each of the livestock poultry meat animal products suppliers in your area before making a decision as to which company you are going to purchase products from. As well as doing research, it is also a good idea to visit the providers in person and ask any questions you may have. The easiest way to do this is by writing down notes and then simply looking at the provider when you first visit. Livestock Poultry Meat Animal Products Suppliers If you are dealing with some of the most popular livestock poultry meat animal products suppliers in the UK, then chances are they will be easy to identify as well. If you are dealing with smaller or unknown livestock poultry meat animal products suppliers, then it may take a little longer to find the right supplier. In order to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for, it is important to identify your specific needs. This will allow you to narrow down your search significantly.

How much weight you are buying?

One of the things you will want to know is how much weight you are buying. Although it may not seem like a big deal, a number of people will assume that it is a lot more than it actually is. It is very important to identify the weight of the meat you are buying so that you can get it to the right amount. However, the manufacturer may tell you that the weight of the meat you are buying is sufficient, so it is vital that you keep this in mind. To begin your search for livestock poultry meat animal products suppliers, you will first want to identify where you want to purchase your products from. You may want to have several different suppliers in different locations. If you can, you may want to begin comparing prices in order to get the best price. It is always easier to do this when you have several options. Read more to find duck eggs: Name: Samira H Revised Date: 19- 06-2020
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By Ali etc on October 19, 2021

Find Out How To Find The Best Fresh Meat And Poultry Suppliers

Best fresh meat Suppliers

Find Out How To Find The Best Fresh Meat And Poultry Suppliers

It may not be obvious from the best fresh meat suppliers, but quality is still paramount. You want to ensure that you have high quality meats and poultry products, regardless of how cheap or expensive they are.

Fresh, raised and sourced beef and pork are by far the best deals in terms of affordable and adequate meat supplies, but a lot of the meats you can buy are too large to feed your own family. If you are buying for your own household, it is essential that you buy meat and poultry products that are raised locally.

If you have ever seen someone enjoying a meal, especially one made with food that was both delicious and healthy, you would understand the importance of wholesome, local foods. Buying local means eating more healthily. Who wants to spend a fortune on food and have it arrive from an unknown and unproven supplier?

If you want to avoid food that has been subjected to many years of growth and processing before it is distributed to supermarkets, why not check out companies that raise, raise some more organic meats? These fresh and nutritious foods will be of a higher quality, and cost less than the products produced by more traditional meat companies.

When you choose an established supplier of high quality meat and poultry products, you are sure to get a brand name that you can trust. Wholesome meat products made from organically raised livestock are guaranteed to be free from antibiotics and hormones. When you purchase these foods, you are also getting the great taste and nutritional value that you will surely enjoy.

A serving of fresh meat and poultry will deliver you the true benefits that you deserve. Not only will you taste the flavor and the aroma of the products, but you will also notice the nutrition as well. From the free-range animals, you will get all the essential vitamins and minerals that you need to keep you happy and healthy.

Raising animals for meat is extremely eco-friendly. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, but it also ensures that you're paying a better price for high quality meat and poultry products.

When it comes to dealing with cheap meats, you should always check whether the products you are buying are sourced from the countryside or if they are imported. In fact, imported meats are often sourced from countries that are notorious for raising livestock on the outskirts of large cities.

These products are usually bred specifically for mass production and cost more than animals raised on smaller farms where large capital outlays are not required. If you want to consume great tasting food at a low price, go with locally raised and sourced meats and poultry products.

Checking with your local government department is a great way to find out which suppliers are strictly regulated and those that are not. This way, you can be sure to buy only good quality products at great prices.

It is always advisable to stick with a such supplier that has been in the business for a long time. While good quality fresh meat and poultry products are available from the major meat suppliers, they can be a little more expensive.

The reality is that even the best quality meats and poultry products can be difficult to source. Always look for a supplier that has been in the business for a long time and one that are regulated by government bodies.

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By Ali etc on October 19, 2021

Livestock Suppliers

Livestock can be a beneficial part of the landscape but often owners need to take some steps to help their animals thrive. With the proper maintenance, livestock can be a rewarding addition to your landscape.

In order to properly care for your livestock needs, it is important to know what goes into caring for your livestock. A smart plan for providing adequate shelter is not only affordable but also creates a wonderful environment for you and your livestock. Here are some important factors to take into consideration.

Habitat: Every animal that is involved in the landscape needs a specific type of habitat. When choosing a habitat for your livestock, consider the species of the animal. Each type of animal requires a different type of habitat. You should evaluate the natural habitat of each animal before deciding which type of habitat you will want to use.

Water: Every animal requires water at all times. This includes livestock. Consider whether the environment will allow you to properly water your livestock and determine if you have enough water sources for your livestock to be healthy.

Feed: It is important to feed your livestock enough feed. To determine the amount of feed you need, consider how much food the animals eat on a daily basis. If you are feeding them too much food, you will be compromising their health. On the other hand, feeding your livestock too little food may cause them to suffer from starvation.

Fences: Fences should be used in conjunction with your livestock. If you do not provide enough space for them to move freely, they will not have a place to graze or relax. Most good fences are three to six feet high and include railings to ensure that they do not roam freely and wander into your yard. This is especially important for younger livestock as they need to have room to move around and enjoy their new surroundings.

Pets: Pets can be an important part of a healthy landscape. Although pets are important to your livestock's welfare, they should not be placed near your livestock. Pets can frighten animals and they can cause damage to your home, to your yard, and even to your livestock.

Fencing is a necessary component of any landscape. Proper fencing keeps livestock safe and prevents them from wandering off. If you have livestock and they wander outside of your boundaries, there is nothing more that you can do than call your local animal control service.

Light: Most livestock need around eight hours of sunlight per day. Although your surroundings may be dark at night, they will still need light in order to see. Most livestock will need some type of light in order to avoid predators and to provide them with fresh air and food.

Lights: Make sure that your livestock are well protected from predators by installing lights around the perimeter of your property. Lights will provide an additional source of light for the animals so that they do not become confused and wander out of range of the lights.

Plants: Plants are an important component of any healthy landscape. For livestock, feed is the primary source of nutrition.

Feed should be supplemented with plenty of grass and shrubs. In addition, certain types of food can make your livestock healthier; for example, food containing vitamins and minerals.

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By Ali etc on October 19, 2021


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