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Trendy Green Kitchen Appliances

KBIS 2022 (the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) introduces the initiative of green interior design with its small and big kitchen supplies.

With flexible shades, the color will be a good option for kitchen products this season and perhaps for many seasons to come. Experts predict the green kitchen will be in fashion for years.

The secret to the emerging green kitchen trend is "its timelessness", said the interior designer, Alison Victoria. The HGTV star maintains that green is neutral and able to tone in with the structure of any kitchen. In her cooperation with BlueStar, she has introduced a unique collection with custom shades of green. Apart from the top Green With Envy tone, which is 2022 BlueStar Color of the Year, other shades include Emerald, Prasino, Ever, Sunset Forest, Olive, Lily, Aloe, Highlands as well as Hunter.

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By Saha on March 13, 2022


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