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Jobs Badly Hit By Pandemic

2020 has seen recession in many aspects of economies. Perhaps job loss and unemployment are major issues countries are dealing with these days. A record job loss, 20.5 million, has been reported in America in only one month, April. The unemployment rate has surged to 14.7% in the same month, over fourfold increase compared to February, before the pandemic hit the world. Nonetheless, the country has seen a stable rebound in employment rate, 13.3%, 11.1% and 6.9% in the months of May, June, and October respectively. However, Glassdoor data asserts that many businesses have not recovered at all or show a slow flow in restoration. The website, thereby, has published a list including top jobs which are at highest risk from October 2019 through the same month in 2020. A large number of jobs in personal service and administrative posts are seen in the list. Here are 10 jobs with the greatest losses: Audiologist Event coordinator Product Demonstrator Optician Chef Executive Assistant Beauty Consultant Valet Stylist Coach
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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