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Stockholm’s Formex, August 23 to 26, 2022

Stockholm’s Formex, launched in 1960, will start its work from August 23 to 26, 2022 for the second time this year after January. In this international trade fair, exhibitors showcase many products in interior design and gifting market. Local and foreign sellers, suppliers, designers and mass media meet up to exchange up-to-date information and help to expand the industry. The opportunities are available for those involved in the field to get inspired and receive knowledge via exhibits and lectures.


Lifestyle Living, where current trends in interior design are offered, deals with commercial designs. Products in this section include home décor, textiles, fragrances and fashion accessories.

Design Talents gathers talented designers to present their products to visitors (buyers, other producers and mass media). The future designers will be able to build a shining professional status for themselves.

In Kids and Toys part, many products in interior design, gifts, apparel and toys are offered which suit kids at any age.

In Taste section, as the term suggests, visitors will be displayed a massive number of edibles and delicious products, which are also a good option for gifting as well. Some of the products include gourmet presents, chocolates, and food crafts, among others.

Garden and Mixed Living offers retail products in home design and gardening such as accessories to arrange flowers, faux botanicals, and pots. Also, gardening tools are presented.

In Paper and Packaging area, office and stores products including paper, cards and packaging are displayed.

With a trend guide in pdf format and trend presentations via films in both English and Swedish, the Formex Trends SS 22 attempts to inspire interior designers and promote their sense of creativity.

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By Samira Ha. on August 22, 2022


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