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SheTrades Outlook - Women in Trade

The new announcement by the International Trade Centre (ITC) on the establishment of SheTrades Outlook is a promising step towards gender equality. The creative digital tool facilitates tracking women and girls' development in trade arena. Attempting to attain Sustainable Development Goal 5, it is a way for governments to control female gender’s progress in business. Applying 83 indicators across six categories, it helps policy manufacturers to focus on practices and policies of women’s participation in trade and business. Some of these programs are Canada’s analysis of trade accords among men and women, and Bangladesh's use of digital tools to protect women entrepreneurs in the rural areas. Countries like South Africa, Rwanda, Mauritius and Samoa are few of the countries that have made policies to support women’s roles in the world trade. According to some experts, this tool, with a reliable data collection and analysis system, helps policymakers to examine women’s progress in trade. It empowers them to cooperate in trade and remove old obstacles on their way to take advantage of trading. The effective SheTrades Outlook provides sound data from hundreds of public and private institutions. Once applied successfully in 25 countries, the tool is planned to be practiced across the globe. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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