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Vietnam to Lift Covid-19 Curbs on International Flights

Vietnam has planned to lift the pandemic restrictions on international traveler flights as of February 15, with a limitless number of flights, Tuoi Tre newspaper announced on Sunday. Having imposed strict border restrictions as soon as the pandemic struck the world, the country faced a challenge in its tourism industry, accounting for almost 10% of GDP.

The state-run newspaper cited Dinh Viet Son, Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, saying, the country is going to remove restrictions on international flights as of Feb. 15 and the number of flights will be again as frequent as it was before the pandemic.

Vietnam has been working with 15 markets on international flights since 2022, loosening up isolation measures. Currently, vaccinated passengers have to be self-isolated for only 3 days.

The number of Covid-19 cases in Vietnam is about 2.5 million since the outbreak; with a death toll of 39,000.

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By Saha on February 13, 2022


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