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Luminato Festival Toronto, June 9-19 2022

Summer is back in Toronto and Luminato Festival Toronto will provide an opportunity to the audience to enjoy Art, Concerts, Theatre, Music, Dance, Literature and the like within 11 days.


Luminato Festival Toronto, to be held from 9 to 19 June, 2022, aims to excitedly share the Access Hub with its visitors.


Organizing events all year round, Luminato brings joy and excitement to its audience and the marvelous annual festival is one of its activities.


Luminato inspires a sense of creativity and innovation with offering brand-new works of art and brings together the most proficient creative artists from around the world. 


Visit to its digital area is free of charge, allowing the participants to socialize and hang out to appreciate art and performance. 


An international arts event, Luminato Festival Toronto serves performance media and brings together visual arts and programs beyond traditional boundaries in art.


To enjoy art, culture, and community, you can be a part of Luminato's NEW Membership Program. To become a member, you need to pay a fee of $50. The membership allows you to experience memorable times in Toronto. You will get free access to year-round invitations and artistic programming. All of its events are available for the interested freely.


The festival opened its work in 2007, featuring Toronto as a city with abundant creativity.


As one of the most prominent international art festivals across North America, Luminato managed to present over 3,600 performances from more than 15,000 global artists within only one decade.


It has become among “Canada’s most active commissioning bodies”, around new works from all art forms commissioned so far. 

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By Saha on June 11, 2022


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