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COVID19, Automotive Parts Shortage Affect Toyota's Production

Toyota automotive manufacturer on Monday, announced its international target production for the month of April has not been met due to slow recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and insufficient parts. According to Toyota, its sales worldwide was also affected with a decrease of 11.1% (to 763,708 vehicles) in April in comparison with the same month in 2021. Leaving aside the sales of units Daihatsu and Hino Motors Ltd (7205.T), local sales fell down nearly 17% to 103,143 vehicles.

Last month, the Japanese multinational automotive maker, which is based in Toyota City, Japan, produced 692,259 vehicles, which indicates a 9.1% decrease compared to the same period in 2021. The target of producing about 750,000 vehicles was not achieved.

Supply chain has been badly stricken by the COVID 19 and this way the production line will face challenges in upcoming months. A week ago, Toyota Motor Corporation had to reduce its production program for the month of June following the preventative measures for COVID-19 in China (to about 800,000 vehicles).

The company also announced that it might have to reduce its production target worldwide, which is 9.7 million vehicles, for the whole year.

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By Saha on May 30, 2022


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