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Industrial Agriculture Threatens World

Approved by the U.S., local farmers are increasingly reliable on chemical-intensive, industrialized agriculture, quitting traditional agriculture. This favors monocultures for scaling up demand for pesticides and chemical fertilizers across the world.

Although the policy is considered to be good for the U.S. economy, it will not benefit the world, threatening health and food safety.

Traditional agriculture relies on interacting species. It often includes plant polycultures and integrates animals.

Traditional agriculture, according to research, preserves ecosystems and yields more crop.

Industrial agriculture, in contrast, counts on monoculture, which is the practice of raising one crop in an area. On large-scale industrialized agricultural lands, monoculture can easily be practiced with fertilizers and pesticides. Despite its advantages, this farming type impacts biodiversity loss as well as pollinator decline.

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By Saha on April 11, 2022


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