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Huawei's Premises in India Searched

Indian tax officials have carried an investigation in offices of Huawei telecommunications equipment company, said a government authority who also approved local media news.

The authority, seeking for anonymity, said the search was done in Huawei’s office grounds in Gurgaon and Bangalore.  

In this regard, NDTV reported that Indian authorities from the income tax office checked financial documents, account books and company records, Indian businesses as well as overseas transactions.

Huawei said in its statement we were notified of the officials’ visit to the office. It also added Huawei is certain that the operations in India entirely comply with the laws and regulations so it will provide the Indian officials with sufficient information.

The income tax office didn’t comment on this though.

India didn’t name Huawei among the foreign suppliers authorized to test 5G technology last year.  

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By Saha on February 16, 2022


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