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Mass Testing to Start in Hong Kong Soon

Preparing for the lockdown, Hong Kong citizens rush to grocery stores and pharmacies as a mass testing plan for Covid-19 is about to start. On Tuesday, the Chinese special administrative region reported 32,597 new coronavirus cases, with 117 deaths within a day. The daily number has increased over 30 times compared to 100 reported cases at the beginning of February.

The city’s report reveals over 230,000 coronavirus infected cases with over 800 deaths since the outbreak back in 2020. In the past week, almost 500 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus, most of them not vaccinated.  

Dynamic zero policy is followed in Hong Kong like mainland China trying to suppress all types of outbreaks rather than wrestling to live with infections.

The mandatory mass testing plan for 7.4 million citizens will start in the second half of March, according to the South China Morning Post.

The news of testing has spread worries as isolation will be implemented for many people. The SCMP said people will be tested three times during the course of nine days. However, the government is uncertain over how lockdown should take place; on a district or city-based manner.

Sing Tao daily announced the stock market of Hong Kong will stay active. In a statement the stock exchange said the governments intends to maintain the markets activity at any cost.

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By Saha on March 2, 2022


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