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5 Top Countries for Travelers: Holidu

Holidu vacation rental website has provided a fresh list for travel enthusiasts. The site’s Cross-Country Road Trip Index in December examined factors for good trips including road quality, gas price range, and scenery in 118 countries, considering UNESCO World Heritage Sites in a specific country as well as the cities among the top 100 world ranking.  

So, here is the list of top 5 countries you shouldn’t miss:

First on the list goes the United States which features 29 of the top 100 cities across the world with diverse striking scenery including forest, deserts, glaciers, mountains and so many more.

Second is Mexico with 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is famed for fantastic beach resorts and diverse culture.

Canada comes next highlighting its natural assets like national parks. The roads of the country are ranked high. Best cities to visit are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

No wonder, Malaysia has a place on the list, too. This is the only Asian country among the best five. Food and fuel prices are reasonable and accommodation is pretty affordable in Malaysia.

Last but not least comes Argentina as the fifth on the list. Bueno Aires, its capital, has got a lot to offer from its cobblestone streets to lively boulevards.

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By Saha on January 31, 2022


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