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New Hisense Washing Machine Series Offers Easy Ironing and Fewer Allergens

The new Hisense WDQR1014EVAJM washer dryer has a wash capacity of 10 kg cleans and refreshes clothes while reducing ironing time. The pure steam system of the machine helps clear allergens from clothing. The anti-allergy system uses steam from the bottom of an internal tub to clears allergens from the laundry. This technology also uses mild steam to deodorize clothes.

Equipped with a long-lasting inverter motor, self-diagnostic system and a big LED screen, the new Pure Jet series is designed to clean and handle clothes that need most work. The machine can do the laundry of an entire family.

The new washing machine's 15° inclined panel is designed so users don’t have to bend over. The upgraded motor is silent, cooler, and saves energy compared to early washer dryers.

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By Saha on March 12, 2022


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