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Ghana's Market Activities Grow in August

Market activities on Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) are proceedingly raising despite challenges in macroeconomics and post effects of the pandemic. 

There was a dramatic rise in market activities in August and the volume and value of transactions have also seen a soar over the month, the statement by the principal stock exchange of Ghana shows. 

The shares traded stood at GH¢114,171,744.82, showing a noticeable increase by 315.37 %. versus the same period a year ago.                     

According to the GSE, the year-to-date transactions were 15,325 (50.32% rise from the same period in 2021). 

The GSE also said the Cumulative Volume (1,232,653,349) standing at GH¢1,237,259,893.31 shows a respective rise of 232.98% and 235.56% from the same period last year. 

The Composite Index and Financial Stock Index saw Year-to-Date returns of -3.34%, which shows the GSE equity market has seen a marginal decline from a month ago. Market cap jumped by 2.45% to GH¢64, 445.45 in the month of August compared to GH¢62, 904, 96 over the same period in 2021. Shares volume increased to 77,249,447 in August from 64,332,881 in July, which signifies a rise of 20.08%. In the meantime, shares value jumped to GH¢114,171,744.82 versus GH¢61,493,287.83 in July, a hike of 85.67%. 

In August, Access gained 42.35%, GLD 12.76 per cent, BOPP 5.67%, SOGEGH 2.83%, CAL 2.70%, and TOTAL 1.9%. Ghana Fixed Income Market (GFIM) saw a trade volume of 15.71 billion; an increase of 13.09% compared to 13.89 billion at the same period last year, GSE declared. The trade volume from January to August this year was totally 158.94 billion; 12.87% rise from 140.82 billion over the same months in 2021. 

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By Samira Ha. on September 13, 2022


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