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Solar collector_ Better Way to Generate Electricity

Solar collector: A solar collector is a machine that gathers and collects solar radiation from the Sun. These machines are mostly used for active solar heating and allow for the warmth of the water for personal use. These collectors are commonly attached to the roof and must be very sturdy as they are disclosed to different weather conditions. The use of these solar collectors provides an alternative for conventional domestic water heating using a water heater, possibly reducing energy costs. In local settings, a vast number of these collectors can be connected in an array and used to generate electricity in solar thermal power plants. Types of Solar Collectors: There are many types of solar collectors, but all are formed with the same basic proposition in mind. The plainest of these devices uses a black substance enclosing pipe where water flows through. The black material consumes the solar radiation very well, and as the element heats the water, it contains. This is a simple design, but collectors can get very complicated. Absorbed plates can be used if a high-temperature increase isn't necessary, but generally, devices that use contemplative materials to focus sunlight result in a higher temperature rise. Flat Plate Collectors These collectors are commonly metal cases with some transparent glazing as a cover on top of a dark-coloured absorbed plate. The collector's tops and bottom are usually covered with covering to minimise heat losses to other parts of the collector. Solar radiation passes through the transparent glazing substance and hits the absorbed plate. This plate heats up, transporting the heat to either water or air held between the glazing and absorbed plate. Sometimes these absorbed plates are designed with special coatings designed to absorb and retain heat better than conventional black paint. These plates are generally made out of metal that is a good conductor - usually copper or aluminium. Evacuated Tube Collectors This kind of solar collector uses a group of evacuated tubes to heat water for use. These tubes use a vacuum or abandoned space to capture the Sun's energy while reducing the loss of heat to the surroundings. They have an internal metal tube that acts as the absorbed plate, connected to a heat pipe to carry the heat collected from the Sun to the water. This heat pipe is a pipe where the fluid contents are under very particular pressure. At this pressure, the "hot" end of the tube has boiling liquid while the "cold" end has condensing vapour. This provides for thermal energy to move more efficiently from one end of the pipe to the other. Once the heat from the Sun passes from the hot end of the heat pipe to the condensing end, the thermal energy is deported into the water being heated for use. Line Focus Collectors  These collectors, known as illustrative troughs, use profoundly reflective elements to collect and concentrate the heat energy from solar radiation. These collectors are formed of parabolically shaped reflective sections joined into a long trough. A pipe that carries water is placed in the middle of this trough so that sunlight collected by the reflective substance is focused onto the tube, heating the contents. These are very high-powered collectors and are thus commonly used to produce steam for solar thermal power plants and are not used in domestic applications. These troughs can be useful in creating heat from the Sun, especially those that can pivot, tracking the Sun in the sky to ensure maximum sunlight collection. Point Focus Collectors These collectors are large parabolic dishes composed of reflective material that focus the Sun's energy on a single point. The heat from these collectors is commonly used for stimulating Sterling engines. Although very effective at collecting sunlight, they must actively track the Sun across the sky to be of any value. These dishes can work alone or be joined into an order to gather even more energy from the Sun. How efficient are solar collectors? The "top efficiency" value for an AP solar collector is 68.7% based on the Aperture range of 2.83m2. If based on the entire area of 4.4m2, this value is just 43.7%. Function of solar collector: A solar thermal collector is a machine, produced specifically to collect heat by consuming sunlight and may be used to heat air or water for building heating. A solar collector works on an elementary basis. The radiation from the sun warms a liquid that goes to a hot-water tank. Top 10 solar collector manufacturing companies in the world:          1. Jinko Solar: Jinko Solar is currently one of the world’s highest solar energy companies and top solar panel manufacturers. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Jinko Solar gives its solar products and sells its clarifications and services to diversified global business. 2.Canadian Solar: Canadian Solar is one of the highest solar panel companies globally, providing the world’s leading solar PV modules and advanced solar energy solutions. Canadian Solar is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. It has production offices in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil. 3.Trina Solar: Trina Solar is the world’s highest solar panel company based in Changzhou, China. Trina solar manufactures a wide variety of solar modules for residential, commercial, and utility-scale connections. Its central products include ingots, wafers, solar cells, and solar modules. 4.Sun Power Corp: Sun Power Corp has been in the solar panel companies for over 30 years. Today, this Silicon Valley-based solar energy company is already the world’s leader in solar changes. The company designs and produces crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels. 5. Hanwha Q Cells: Hanwha Q Cells is one of the world’s highest solar energy companies and solar panel producers. The company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Hanwha offers a wide range of solar panel products covering from small modules to large-scale solar power plants. List of top solar collectors in the world:  

     Rank                  Manufacturer            Panel efficiency                                                             

        1                           sun power                             22.8%                                                                                           

        2                                    LG                                   22.0 %                                                                                    

        3                              Rec group                           21.7%                                                                                      

        4                                CSUN                                 21.2%                                                                                      

  Uses of solar collector in major countries:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Sr. countries
1 China
2 Turkey
3 India
4 Japan
5 Israel
6 morocco
7 Tunisia
8 Australia
9 Spain
10 Germany

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