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Buy Antique Furniture-It's Attractive And Economical

"A house with old furniture has no need of ghosts to be haunted." Hope Mirrlees

Antique furniture:

Antique furniture is a collectible piece of furniture of considerable age. Often the age, condition, use, rarity, or other special features make a piece of furniture popular as a collectors' object and thus known as an antique.

What makes a furniture antique?

Technically, an antique is an article of furniture having unique value because of its age, especially those pieces decorated with beautiful artwork. The age part is subjective: general antique stores mark items 50 years or older as antiques. Fine antique dealers regard objects 150 years and older to be antique. In the East, an antique is Queen Anne or older; in the West, it's a piece of furniture that came across the mountains in a cart. A southern antique is an item made before the Civil War. Wherever you look, it's 100 % sure you won't find a genuine antique from 1500 or 1600. What you may find is an exact reproduction, and these can be remarkably valuable.

Things to know about antique furniture:

It is very easy to buy old furniture nowadays (you can even get them delivered to your doorsteps by ordering it online). Various factors are to be considered to make your shopping more satisfying. Identifying the real antique furniture: It would be best to remember that the word "antique" refers to any item more than 100 years old. When it comes to antique furniture, there are two types: "real antique items" and "Antique design inspired furniture." Original vintage furniture is a large wealth, which will be many years old. However, the antique design inspired ones will only copy the antique design. The material may not be antique. Checking out the real antique pieces is much simple. You may know the fact that woods shrink due to aging. Antique furniture will have random measures. If the finishing of the furniture is excellent and new-looking, it may not be a real antique. antique furnitureDetermining the value: All types of antique articles will not have the same amount. It depends upon many factors like age, design, application, condition, make, etc. To find the value of the furniture, you should be experienced in antiques. You can get lots of information about antique furniture if you spend a little time surfing the web. Usually, antique furniture will be valued based on quality, rarity, and history. Checking the furniture's solidity: You should also keep in mind that antique furniture holds its value only if it is fully working. Most antique experts emphasize on moving and using the furniture to ensure solidity and functionality. Buying antique online: You can buy antique furniture online and get it transported to your doorstep while resting. However, it is essential to make sure that your selected online antique furniture store is trustworthy, as you won't be able to check the furniture before it is shipped to you. No matter how you buy it, the real vintage furniture is a precious asset in any house.  If you are interested in buying antique furniture, visit

Why you should buy antique furniture?

Throughout the world, antiques are valued because they signify an era that was, and is now long gone. These items chronicle an earlier time, a lost generation, or perhaps a time of history that we don't remember. Antiques and antique furniture are things that make history come alive for us, once again. Historical value is just one of the causes collectors have extremely fancied antique pieces. Another is, they know that in time, the antiques they own will be deserving an amount far beyond what they first paid for them.  From antique silver to Queen Anne furniture, etc., there will always be eager collectors specializing in the purchase of different types of antiques. It would be highly significant for the average collector to gather a vast collection of French 18th century armoires/closets. There surely would not be capacity for them in the average home. Although furniture can also be admired, looked at, and enjoyed, it is intended to be lived with and used. When you buy antique furniture, each item becomes part of your environment, home, and life. Antique pieces of furniture have been made for every section of the house. Some of the best examples are the living room. This room is where most of the most exquisite 18th and 19th-century furniture was made to be used. French and English furniture designers of this time designed some of the most dynamic and richly cushioned sofas, couches, and chairs. The unique character of each piece's creation, style, and time can significantly improve your home's appearance. If you buy only a part or two to decorate your home, it can be an excellent investment! So, buy antique furniture for your home; even if it's only one or two items, it will change home's look and feel. And, who knows, you may find a real wealth for your future gain.

The most expensive antique furniture ever sold:

expensive antique furnitureThere is a big difference between getting a piece of second-hand furniture and purchasing an antique piece. While second-hand furniture devalues with age and use, an antique item can cost a significant amount of money. The cost of an item will depend on its age, condition, how many similar pieces were made, the craftsmanship, and any unusual details in its history, such as being owned by a member of nobility or surviving a war. Given below are five of the most expensive pieces of antique furniture sold at auctions. 1. Badminton Cabinet – $36.7 million: The badminton cabinet is the most expensive item of antique furniture sold of all-time. This intricately gorgeous cabinet was built in Florence and is decorated with precious stones. Many consider this piece of furniture to be a work of art, and it once belonged to the 3rd Duke of Beaufort. His descendants sold the cabinet in 2004. Everyone anticipated with bated breath as this antique auctioned, and everyone was shocked when it was sold for an impressive $36.7 million.  2. The Dragon's Chair – $26.6 million: The Dragon's Chair is a very unusual piece of furniture, handcrafted from leather and engraved wood. Items such as this that exhibit true craftsmanship are always famous at auction. The design is also timeless and would not look out of place in any environment, which is another reason for its fame. While both these factors may have added to the value of this chair, another essential element to acknowledge is that it once belonged to Yves St Laurent. 3. Antique Secretary Desk – $11.4 million: The Goddard and Townsend secretary desk was made during the 1760s. Those who spent in such an item were looking not only for a useful item but also for an artwork. Only 9 of these desks were only made, which has made this a unique and expensive thing to buy. In 1989, one of these desks sold at Christie's for a huge $11,480,675. At that time, it was the largest money spent on an American-made piece of furniture of all-time. 4. The Harrington Commode – $5 million: While a commode may not look the most fascinating of items, they were once a useful household object. Wealthier families would have closets that served not only as an essential item but also as an aesthetically-pleasant extension to their home. The Harrington Commode was a part of 18th-century English furniture created by the famous craftsman Thomas Chippendale. 5. George II Parcel Gilt Padauk Cabinet – $3.9 million: In 2008, a George II parcel-gilt padauk cabinet was sold at Christie's sale house. This beautiful and sophisticated piece of craftsmanship was designed by a renowned designer, which is just one reason why this piece of furniture was sold for such a fantastic price. At the auction, it sold for an unbelievable £2,729,250. This is equal to just under $4 million. 

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