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Freelancing Becomes Popular

A new trend is growing in the U.S., thereby the employees tend to try freelance jobs to make ends meet. It’s a response to the lingering coronavirus pandemic. A latest report by freelancing website Upwork shows that the number of full-time freelancers has seen a rise, to 36% since 2019. Also, according to the study, 75% of participants argued that their payment is the same or higher than the time they worked for an employer. Adam Ozimek, the chief executive at Upwork, says that people are turning to freelance occupations for the first time in life, because of the lockdown and flexibility of hours. Since the pandemic, the number of young freelancers has increased remarkably. According to him, it’s tough for the newly-graduated applicants to get a job now; one easy option for them would be to go for freelancing instead of long-term posts. Samira H. 
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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