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World Food Expo, August 3 to 6, 2022, MANILA

The most popular food and beverages trade show in the Philippines, WOFEX has turned into the largest F&B exhibition over many years. Face-to-face shows will be held this year throughout the Philippines in WOFEX Regional shows. The show, to be held from August 3-6, offers many unique opportunities for training and learning along with live seminars and webinars and presents ultimate food experiences.

WOFEX, this year, features Artisan Baking, Art of Cake Decorating, Asean Barista Team Championship over 3 days.

WOFEX trade fair displays food products and services to those involved or interested in food and beverages industry.

In SensoryEx, held in WORLD TRADE CENTER, MANILA, August 4, professionals in food business will hold hands-on classes. In Artisan Baking Workshop, attendants will learn a lot and gain practical and effective skills to be able to bake pastries and artisan bread on their own without any difficulties. The workshop gives you confidence to focus on your passion and develop your own business.

Art of Cake Decorating is another interesting and inspiring part of the show which is held in WORLD TRADE CENTER, MANILA, August 5. Within the workshop you will gain an expertise to create flowers with gum paste and buttercream. This part will be fun and exciting to everyone. Participants will be trained to be creative and make splendid work to decorate their home-made or store cakes.

ASEAN Barista Championships, Manila August 5, is a venue for coffee artists to display their skills and creativity and compete with their skilled counterparts.

Safety protocols are observed to ensure safety of visitors.

To get further info on the show and sign up in the event visit the website.

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By Samira Ha. on August 2, 2022

ANFAŞ Food Product Fair, January 18-21, 2022

Anfaş Food Product Fair is regarded as the most distinguished exhibition which is held in Antalya, Turkey. Both domestic and international visitors come over to see and learn about the latest developments in food and beverages.

The fair specifically targets guests from hotels, restaurants, and public institutions, who pay a visit to explore foodstuff and drinks offerings.

Specializing in Mediterranean food and beverages including fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, baked products and pastries, seafoods and fish products, spices, a wide range of drinks like coffee and tea and many more, the 28th Anfaş Food Product Expo welcomes visitors in 3 days.

Organized by Anfaş Antalya Fair Management, the International Food and Beverage show is active from January 18 to January 21, 2022.

This year, over 450 participants and over 45.000 home and international visitors come together to try a new experience in the world of food and beverages industry.

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By Saha on January 18, 2022


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