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Capstan Therapeutics Launches to Develop in Cell Therapies

Capstan Therapeutics, a biotechnology startup, began its work on Wednesday with a fund of $165 million. Industry's well-renowned professionals Carl June, Bruce Levine and Drew Weissman direct Capstan Therapeutics Inc. to work on cell therapies to control cancer. 

To incorporate cell therapy into genetic medicine and introduce safer and first-in-class medicines to patients, the new foundation focuses on research carried out in mRNA laboratories by scientists of the Pennsylvania University. By delivering precise in in vivo engineering technology to patients with a wide range of diseases including oncology, fibrosis, monogenic blood disorders, inflammation-related diseases, and developing new ways to treat the patients struggling with cancer, the company is attaining breakthoughs in cell engineering. 

Major venture capital firms and drugmakers have contributed to develop Capstan Therapeutics company. 

The fund for Capstan Therapeutics team involves $102 million from series A finance by Pfizer Ventures, Leaps by Bayer, Eli Lilly and Company, and Bristol Myers Squibb, Polaris Partners, and Alexandria Venture Investments. Another $63 million seed money was funded by Novartis Venture Fund and OrbiMed as well as RA Capital, and Vida Ventures in the month of November 2021.

With the aim of allotting the fund into expanding cell-based therapies, Capstan Therapeutics has planned to make an evolution in clinical standards for looking after patients. The premier goal is to develop first-in-class medicines on vivo CAR therapies and provide outpatients with treatments. 

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By Samira Ha. on September 16, 2022


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